Primark Breastfeeding Row Woman Charged

July 29, 2015

Front of a Primark store

Here at XEscorts, we always campaign for the rights of women everywhere. This comes in many forms, such as escorting and the right to do it, gay rights, public breastfeeding and protection from sexual assault or domestic violence. Women deserve the same rights as men (not better , let me add) We are proud to call ourselves feminists, and we will continue in our campaign till the day the website closes.

Sometimes though, we really have to hang our head in disbelief. Take this story for example.

A Social Media Storm

Those who keep up to date on social media may well know of the recent allegation that a Primark security guard snatched a baby off a mother to stop her breastfeeding. Caroline Starmer, 28 stated that the baby was pulled away from her breast when she refused to leave the store or stop feeding.

This was all put on mother websites, and the response was incredible. People were calling for a mass ‘breasfeed-in’ at the shop, and also stated that there should be a mass boycott of Primark.

There was only one problem though. It was bollocks (yes, I did steal that from Blackadder)

Primark looked at the footage and found nothing of the sort had happened. They took the video to the police and it seems the authorities have acted.

On July 28th, they announced that Starmer had been charged with perverting the course of justice, and will appear at Leicester Magistrates Court on August 24th.

A Primark spokesman said: “Primark has cooperated fully with police investigators, and will not be commenting further on the ongoing proceedings against Mrs Starmer.”

A police spokesman added: “Criminal proceedings have now commenced and the defendant has the right to a fair trial.”

Damaging for Women Everywhere

This kind of story really makes me angry. Not only has the guy been accused of being a scumbag who steals kids, there is a sexual nature to the case as well as the breast or breasts would have been exposed.

Here at XEscorts we hear first hand about how dangerous the world can be for women everywhere. We also see how hard it is for women to get justice when complaints are made. What no woman needs is a piece of garbage like this making up a false accusation just so she can be at the centre of a huge social media campaign. The last thing you need is people starting to get very sceptical as to whether women are being attacked, or whether they are using ‘equality’ as way of beating men around the head out of malice.

Presuming that the case is as it sounds, we hope they throw the book at her. Maybe then we can get back to having women who have REALLY been the victim of crime/injustice getting the justice that they so deserve.

Some people really make me sick.

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