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A sexy young couple enjoying sex on a chair, which is one of six hot sex spots
July 21, 2016


The chances are that you will have sex in a bed more than anywhere else in your life… and this can sometimes be a pretty depressing fact. We all want to be a little more adventurous when it comes to sex, which is why we start seeking the hottest sex spots that don’t involve a bed.

Upset couple in bed
October 28, 2015


There are all sorts of things that can ruin your sex life. Your mood could be one of them, and if you’ve had a rough week at work one of the last things that might be on your mind is a night of passionate sex, especially if you’ve been working late and just want to sleep… but that isn’t the only thing. Did you know that your bed could also be killing your sex life? Yes, the very bed that you have to force yourself to leave on your days off.

Unhappy couple
January 28, 2015


When you think of sex, you tend to think of a comfortable bed and sheets thrown all over the place in your excitement to get down to business. Having sex in the bedroom, though, is becoming boring and predictable.