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Frequent Masturbation Leads To Better Sex!
May 3, 2018

May is Masturbation Month. If that isn’t a good enough excuse to start loving yourself more, then perhaps this bit of news will interest you. A recent survey has suggested that people who masturbate frequently tend to have better sex lives than those who do not.

Couple lying with laptop in bed and watching porn movie
May 12, 2017


Most of us are happy to admit that we watch porn regularly. Porn is a fantastic way to let off steam and de-stress, and it is a turn on to watch sexy people on the screen getting up to kinky things. However, for some watching porn is simply something they do when they are horny, when actually it can improve your sex life.

A picture of some vaginal leeches in a jar
March 15, 2016

When you think of the kind of kinky things you might put into a dripping wet pussy, leeches definitely aren’t one of them. This is what one woman did, however, in order to try to help herself get pregnant. Yes, you read that correctly. A woman used vaginal leeches to try to get pregnant and to also let herself have better sex.

young lovers kissing on the bed
November 16, 2015


We would all love to be in the position where we get to have intense sex all of the time. I’m pretty sure none of us would get anything done if we did, which is why spending time with an escort is such a treat. You get to have a fantastic time together and you’ll leave with some amazing memories, even if you can’t do it as regularly as you would like to.

April 24, 2015

Sex is a hot topic. Everyone talks about it, everyone wants to learn more about it, and whenever a new sex related news story come to light, it is all you will hear about for the next three weeks.

April 2, 2015

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get” is a statement that I think is pretty true, but it doesn’t guarantee that you get what you want. You could actually be missing out on some of the best sex of your life by not using one little word: yes.

Unhappy couple
October 16, 2014

Letting your sex life fall into a routine is something that is easy enough to do, but can be difficult to fix. Thankfully here on Escort-Sweden we’ve got three things for you to try to help make your sex life better.