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man with blow up doll
February 23, 2016

Whoever said, ‘Dolls are just for girls,’ was obviously too young to know about the blow up doll. The blow up doll or love doll is an actual life size toy used for aid in masturbation. It may be an entire body with a face, a partial body or just a head. It often comes with accessories that sometimes vibrate for sexual stimulation.
Our generation is not the only one to embrace makeshift masturbatory dolls.

Man with glasses stands next to a blow up doll!
June 3, 2014


When I think of Sex dolls, I usually envisage some 40 year old guy in the bedroom of his parents house, banging away on a plastic, inanimate object. That seedy, slightly strange image will not leave my head, no matter how much I try and convince myself life is a case of ‘each to their own’.