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Beautiful girl with a tattoo in lingerie on the body lying on the bed
January 1, 2018

New Year’s Day means different things to different people. Some might just be spending their time curled up in bed and nursing a hangover, wondering why they decided to have that “final” drink of the night. Others might be feeling fine and eager to start on their resolutions.

Man hiding red rose and gift for his girlfriend behind his back
July 13, 2017

When you spend time with an escort you get to feel incredible. They are the perfect companions, and they seem to know just what you want when you want it. If you are a regular client, you’ll look forward to meeting your chosen escort once a month or once a week. But sometimes things can change. You might find that you have developed feelings for them.

A woman with money in her lingerie, suggesting someone is buying sex from her
April 18, 2016


Just like in Northern Ireland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, sex became illegal to buy in France. Sex workers were immensely upset since, though the laws are not against selling sex, placing the legal responsibilities on their clients, definitely ruins their business. Though we have another country on the “no” list, there are still many of places where buying sex is still legal.

An escort lying down and preparing for an overnight booking
January 7, 2016

When you’re going to go on a date with an escort, you want to spend as long with them as possible. Sometimes you might only be able to manage an hour or even half an hour, thanks to your busy schedule. It can leave you feeling very disappointed and rushed, as you might instead be hoping to treat yourself to a much more intense and fun date with a sexy lady. That is why so many people prefer to go for an overnight date instead.

Couple indoors. The possibility of anxiety is there
December 23, 2015

Being a punter is challenging enough as it is thanks to the many people campaigning for the purchasing of sex to be made illegal. Other countries around the world have already adopted the Swedish model, and all it does is push the industry further underground. It makes choosing the right escort much more difficult. Already punters and starting to feel nervous and anxious whenever they book a date, just in case they get screwed over for what two consenting adults get up to behind closed doors when money changes hands.

Young woman on the bed waiting for her first time client
December 14, 2015

Having a date with an escort can be pretty nerve racking, especially if it is your first time. Your mind will be running at 100 km/h and you will find yourself over thinking every little detail. You’ll worry about what to wear, what time to make the date for, and if you will be able to find the location in time to make the appointment in the first place! We can’t help worrying, but if you are a first time client you want things to be as easy and simple as possible for your date.

Young girl in lingerie and fur coat, sexy sitting in a chair by the window
November 23, 2015

The sex industry is a difficult one to be a part of at the moment. Countries all around the world are trying to decide whether sex work is real work, and when it comes to escorting in particular, they aren’t sure if it is. They think escorting is as simple as lying on your back, but we all know that it is a lot more complicated than that. The problem is that all of the changing laws are making it harder for escorts, and so staying safe is more challenging than before.

fashion photo of sexy glamour woman with dark hair wearing elegant lace lingerie,lying on black silk sheet
October 24, 2015

Everyone has their own reasons for seeing escorts, but if you take the time to see what the media has to say about it, you’ll see the same stereotypes thrown around. For whatever reason, people believe that those who choose to see escorts do it because they are desperate, lonely, or simply incapable of having a real relationship. Not very flattering, right?

Prostitute picking up businessman on the street
October 1, 2015

Over the years there have been many different methods to try and put an end to sex work completely, and yet despite all of this the world’s oldest profession is still going strong. Since the attacks on the sex workers themselves haven’t made a difference to the industry, people are instead deciding that we need to do is instead focus on the clients of sex workers and stop them from seeing them. After all, if you get rid of the demand, the supply goes too… right?

Young passionate couple making love in bed
August 11, 2015


You might have stumbled onto Escort England while looking for the perfect companion, and you might be looking at this blog in the hope of getting more information. If you have never had an escort date before, or you are simply curious about what the reality is, how do you know what to expect, and what do you need to do to prepare for it?