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Gay couple getting married
June 13, 2017

We have been hearing a lot about the DUP recently. Our Irish friends from across at the border look like they will be propping up the minority Conservative government for the foreseeable future, and that has caused a great deal of concern for anyone who is interested in gay rights.

Rainbow Flag of Gay Community
January 22, 2016

More and more people are interested in dating transexuals or, at least, have experiences with the interesting TS escorts. While most of them know who they are and are perfectly aware of their sexuality and orientation, there are men who completely lose themselves in their desires.

Two gay men holding hands
December 30, 2015

It is one of the saddest stories I have heard in a while. Two Muslim migrants, aged 16 and 19 years old respectively, have been charged with murdering a gay man, before dressing him in women’s clothing and wrapping a snake around his neck.

two gay dancers
November 26, 2015


There aren’t many things we hate here at Escort England, but it is fair to say, one thing we don’t like is homophobia. This is why we found the following incident so amusing.

Two men embrace on a bed
October 19, 2015

I was just a new guy who moved to the big city from a small town; you could have called me a little fish in a big pond. It was almost impossible to not do something crazy or stupid in the big capital, even for a country folk guy like me. I was prepared for whatever came my way, however, I wasn’t expecting to drink the cum from another outside my apartment door.

The rainbow flag of the LGBT community
October 14, 2015

A DNA study in America has claimed that it can accurately predict if you are gay or not. Yes, you did just hear me right!

LGBT flag flying in the wind
June 30, 2015


Unless you’ve been hiding in a hole for the last few days, you’ll know that on Friday the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, meaning that anywhere in the United States, gay couples can now finally get marriage.

The multi coloured flag of the LGBT community
May 16, 2015

Any attraction to transexuals is often accompanied for one single question: does my attraction make me gay? Sadly the answer is rarely clear cut. If you’re walking down the street and you see an attractive man, and feel a surge of blood rush southwards to your penis, then we can certainly say you’re probably harbouring some homosexual tendencies. However, no one would blame you for having the same reaction when you see one of the many well-endowed transexuals out there. Hell, even if you know that the person is a transexual, basic male sex-drive would still consider anything with longlegs sexually. After all, we’re conditioned to think of sex every six seconds.

Same-Sex Marriage in the United States
February 13, 2015

Here at Escort Sweden, we love the fact that gay marriage is becoming so widely accepted around the world. If two people want to live their life in a specific way, and they want to show their love with that special bond, who really has the right to stop them?

A bull with brown head and horns
November 12, 2014


They say it is really a good time to to be gay. The quest for equality is making great headway, and now most of society is accepts homosexuality is perfectly normal. However, for Benjy the bull, it looks like his gayness is going to get him the chop.