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Man and woman snuggle in bed
October 7, 2014

We all know that American rappers spend a lot of time with scantily clad, sexy ladies. If ever you turn on MTV (which as I’m over 30, I don’t) you will see some black rapper with numerous women shaking their bits in the camera. Usually you wouldn’t expect that to be part of real life as it is merely a music video. However, it seems that one particular rapper has been taking it too far, after it emerged he has been raided by police who suspect him of running an escort service.

Woman places her hand on her bottom
August 13, 2014


Is there anything more beautiful in the world than the Brazilian best butt competition 2014? No, I don’t think so either!

Big breasted teacher stands in front of a green blackboard
August 5, 2014

There seems to be a number of female teachers getting up to naughty things with students these day. The latest story comes from Essex where a 58 year old teaching assistant went and allegedly seduced a student more than 40 years her junior.

shocked man looking at camera
July 29, 2014

We all want our vets to love animals. For most people in the country, they are our friends and are really part of our family so them being in the right hands is vitally important. However, it seems that vet Oliver Lown loves animals a bit too much, and has consequently lost his job.

Man kisses woman on neck as she lies in bed
July 23, 2014


I have to admit, I have always liked curvy women. I look at those size-0 models, and I think to myself, ‘where is the ass, and where are the boobs?’. Obviously there are people who like that look; it takes all sorts. I just know what I like.

Picture of a foot kicking a football
June 26, 2014

Women’s football is becoming more and more popular. Granted it doesn’t get the same attention as men’s footy, and probably never will. However, you will find the women’s game on the BBC whenever England are playing, and at major tournaments. This is definitely a good thing. Not for equality, but just because the games are decent.

Big breasted teacher stands in front of a green blackboard
June 18, 2014

A teacher in Houston, Texas has been suspended and charged with ‘having an inappropriate relationship with a student’ after giving a 15 year old boy a lap-dance for his birthday.

shocked man looking at camera
June 9, 2014


As a Manc myself, I know that Manchester people are a bit different. Maybe it is something to do with our famous music scene, or the fact our football teams dominate the sport on a domestic level. What is certain is that we march to a slightly different drum beat than the rest of the country.

Woman in black bra leans towards the camera whilst lying on bed
May 21, 2014

In the escort industry, there has always been an issue with certain clients getting the wrong idea about appointments. Some, once they have seen an escort a number of times, begin to feel they have a ‘special relationship’. This, as we all know, can be a recipe for disaster.

Woman with cream around her mouth
May 15, 2014

Here XEscorts, we pride ourselves on giving the best sex advice in the land. We speak to escorts and clients alike on a regular basis, so you can be assured of the quality of our tips. Still, there is some stuff out there on the internet, that even we are slightly taken aback by.