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Man on a back oil massage
August 15, 2017

Stress can do a lot of things to your body. For example, for many they’ll find that their desire for sex decreases when they are feeling tense and stressed out. Unwinding when you are feeling worked up can make a huge difference, but for many it is hard to find the right solution. So why not start things off with a sensual massage?

A woman enjoys an erotic massage
May 13, 2016

Stress can be a big problem for sex. If you are feeling too frustrated by your work, you might decide to just head to bed instead of enjoying an intense fuck. Massages can help, but often they just aren’t enough. This is why a lot of people prefer to treat themselves to an erotic massage instead.

Man having a massage
February 29, 2016

Massage has been practiced for centuries for therapeutic relief worldwide. Different styles and techniques address different concerns. What all massages have in common is a tactile interaction that’s both healing and invigorating. Touch is a powerful and intense experience that the human body craves, needs and deserves.

Man getting a massage
February 1, 2016

Apparently, a good way to turn your man into jelly is to give him a nice, oily massage. After thinking about it for a little bit of time, I do understand how it can make some men just fall weak at the knees. There has to be something about a woman pouring warm oil over his back, and soothe his skin with her soft hands that just makes a man want to go:

“Oh yeah…”

A man getting a massage off an escort
January 13, 2016

I would never say “No” to a massage, especially if I am offered a naked, oily or soapy one. But making me choose between a massage and sex feel like torture. How about both? Sex and massage, the erotic one, of course, are two incredibly enjoyable things everybody should have in their life. Don’t you agree?

Young Woman Receiving Back Massage At Spa
November 11, 2015

To many people, giving an erotic massage involves putting on some sexy music, lighting some candles, and giving their partner a bit of a once over with your hands before you get down to business and start pleasuring them… but this isn’t the right way to do it, especially not if you want to drive them wild with desire. All this will do is get them a bit horny, which might be okay for you, but they would like something special instead.

Young Woman Receiving Back Massage At Spa
August 28, 2015

If you really want to treat that special person in your life, a good way to do it is to give them an erotic massage. Yet for some reason, a lot of men don’t do it. They like receiving massages, but giving one? You can forget it!

Sexy woman receiving a massage
March 6, 2015

Massages are all well and good, but if you were given the option being an erotic massage and a normal massage, which would you choose? You’d go for the erotic massage, because it is so much more sensual and a huge turn on to receive.

October 15, 2014

The range of sex toys available mean that men, women, and couples alike have a huge range of choice at the click of their fingers. Technology also means you can buy toys compatible with your phones… but is that such a good idea?