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Young sexy horny brunette, crawling in bed, so tempting and seductive, wearing nice black lingerie, stockings, invites her lover to bed, taking off his belt of pants he is undressing standing
April 24, 2018


Sex is fun, but sometimes we want to try something new. It is fun to push our boundaries and discover things we like it bed. We could discover a kink we never knew we had, or we could find something that our partner loves. Often, hot sex games are a good way to do this.

Young beautiful sexy woman lying on her man. Passionate couple kissing on bed.
May 5, 2017

A number of women struggle to reach orgasm during sex. It is, unfortunately, one of the things that happens… but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. A lot of those women struggling to cum confess that spending more time on foreplay makes it more likely… but how can you make yourself dedicate more time to foreplay?

5 Sex Games You'll Only Need A Phone To Enjoy
January 23, 2017


Sometimes we get bored with sex. It isn’t because it doesn’t feel good. It is simply that we tend to do the same things over and over again. It gets predictable, and so we start trying to think of ways to spice things up. A lot of the most popular suggestions require loads of equipment. Things like bondage ties and sexy board games. But what if you just want to use your phone to play hot sex games?

Attractive couple in bed enjoying foreplay
June 3, 2016


Sometimes, foreplay can get really boring. We’ll do the same few things over and over and find that it is becoming very dull very quickly. A quick bit of tongue action and jumping into sex doesn’t always work, but finding something different that works for you can be tough.

Dice used in sex games
February 25, 2016


Unfortunately, sex can sometimes get really boring. Looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? There are plenty of hot and steamy sex games you could play to make things exciting, and best of all, many of them are really easy to do.

Woman takes op top in front of man on bed
January 11, 2016

You all want to feel sexy and have an active sexual life even if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, don’t you? Although there might not be anyone’s fault, monotony can appear in long-term relationships. You have to admit that no matter how amazing you look or how kinky your imagination is, it is quite difficult to keep the passion alive every night of your life together.

Young adult couple in bedroom
January 15, 2015

In a couple you can find that things get a little stale. Inevitably, you will find yourselves doing the same routine when it comes to sex. The same foreplay, the same positions, the same time scale.

Three people
December 11, 2014


We all know at least one drinking game, designed to get you and your friends completely wasted in a short amount of time. But imagine how fun a drinking game designed to get you as sexually aroused as possible could be. Whether you play these as a couple or with a group of friends, dirty drinking games are a sure fire way to keep the chemistry alive and let your hair down on a night in.

Yound couple fooling around in bed
April 16, 2014


Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Dildo’s and vibrators are found in numerous couples bedrooms these days, and have become part of most men and women’s sex lives. The normalisation of items like this has led to people trying to find more outlandish things to use as sex toys, with sometimes disastrous results.