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steep Man seducer women, present pikaper from high balls. Macho concept
June 4, 2018


Your balls don’t get the attention they deserve. Whether it is during sex or when you are on your own, they can be neglected. You might not know them as well as you should. You may even find that you don’t know the right way to play with them to increase your pleasure.

Gaming Platform Turns Bop It! Into A Sex Toy
June 1, 2018

The chances are that, at some point in your youth, you’ll have played Bop It!. Bop It! was a popular game in the 1990s and early 2000s, challenging your ability to follow instructions. A voice would give you things to do to the toy and you did them. You’ll probably remember the frustration of going “but I DID flick it!” more than once.

Sex toys on Christmas background. Top view.
December 5, 2017


Not feeling particularly festive yet? There are plenty of different things you can try to get yourself in the holly jolly Christmas mood. For some, Christmas shopping is all they need. Others like listening to festive songs. And then there are those who would rather try out some Christmas sex toys.

Young naked man is sitting in a bed and watching pornography on his laptop
November 14, 2017

There are plenty of things you can do online. We have so much information at our fingertips… and yet we’ll spend our time online looking at funny videos or watching porn. With porn there is one website we might visit more than others, and that is Pornhub.

Purple sex toys for woman - vibrator and caps isolated on a white background
October 19, 2017


When you think of sex toys you might think of things like dildos for women and fleshlights for men. You might even add the occasional butt plug to the mix or a vibrating bullet, which has many uses, just to spice things up. But the majority of these toys are still pretty vanilla and standard when it comes to the world of sex.

large collection of sex toys
October 17, 2017

Most of us love a bargain. If we are out shopping and spot something cheap or on offer, we might buy it. Especially if it is something we have been eager to try for a while. When it comes to sex toys, it seems that we are no different.

Young handsome man buying sex toys at a shop and smiling
October 14, 2017

There are so many different toys out there that you can buy for your pleasure. However, if it is your first sex toy, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. How do you know which toy is going to be perfectly suited to your needs? And are some brands better than others?

Red room
August 24, 2017

Here at Escort Sweden, we have some of the best escorts in the country on our pages. They come in all shapes and seizes, all colours, all ages. There really is someone for everyone. However, it seems these girls may start having a rival, with sex dolls becoming increasingly popular. So popular in fact, that a brothel in Austria is considering getting in a new love doll after the first one was such a success.

Regrets wrong doing. Closeup portrait silly young man, slapping hand on head having a duh moment isolated on gray background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling, body language, reaction
July 18, 2017

Buying sex toys can work out to be pretty expensive. Sometimes we just don’t want to spend our money on these toys. We’d rather save money by creating our own homemade sex toys and putting the money towards other things instead.

April 20, 2017

Plenty of people have started to use subscription boxes as a way to try new things. Most of the time, people opt for food boxes to try new products or beauty boxes to get samples of the latest make-up items on the market. If you can think of it, there is a subscription box for it… and this means you can actually sign up to sex toy subscription boxes too!