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Sexy teacher on desk
October 5, 2015

We have all seen these female teachers recently who have been caught out sleeping with their students. For the most part they look all-right, certainly worth going with if you are a horny 15 year old. However, it is very rarely that you see one who is so attractive she should really be on the catwalk.

Teachers breasts covered in red bra
June 12, 2015

The bell rang out through the halls, signalling the end of another school day, and I joined my mates as we shoved our way out of the stuffy maths room. More students were coming out of the other classrooms as we walked through the corridor, joining the masses as they all tried to escape.

Prostitute waiting for somebody
May 26, 2015

Here at Escort England, we have always believed that prostitution should be legal. It is every man and woman’s right to do exactly what they want with their own bodies, so who are society to get involved?

May 5, 2015

If you know any teachers, you’ll know how hard their jobs are: meetings with parents, marking students’ work, and generally getting through the day in one piece. Of course, it can be made even harder for them if they film a sex tape that their students find and share with others.

Big breasted teacher stands in front of a green blackboard
August 19, 2014

A teacher in Russia is facing the sack after accidentally posting naked pictures of herself on the Russian version of Facebook.

Woman looking at a computer screen shocked
August 7, 2014

When we start start a new year at school, we are always interested to see what our new teacher is like. Will they be hard on you? Or could they be more understanding? Well, the question is never usually ‘is she going to wear any pants?’

Big breasted teacher stands in front of a green blackboard
August 5, 2014

There seems to be a number of female teachers getting up to naughty things with students these day. The latest story comes from Essex where a 58 year old teaching assistant went and allegedly seduced a student more than 40 years her junior.

Big breasted teacher stands in front of a green blackboard
June 18, 2014

A teacher in Houston, Texas has been suspended and charged with ‘having an inappropriate relationship with a student’ after giving a 15 year old boy a lap-dance for his birthday.

November 6, 2013

A female drama teacher in Newport has been struck off for asking a pupil for sex.