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A hot couple in bed enjoying some vanilla sex
May 30, 2016

Not everybody likes kinky sex. Sure, BDSM might seem like a nice idea, but the idea of actually giving your partner such control over you in the bedroom just isn’t a turn on for some. Some people enjoy nothing more than vanilla sex, and there is nothing wrong with that.

A man and woman lying in bed feeling disappointed with the vanilla sex they are having
February 23, 2016

Sex is different for every person. You might enjoy nothing more than hard and fast sex, but your partner might prefer something a little more intimate. Sometimes, we want to try something a bit kinkier, exploring sex outside of our comfort zones to see what it feels like. For plenty of people, they won’t ever be that adventurous in the bedroom. After all, they know what they like when it comes to sex, and if they like vanilla sex then there is nothing wrong with that, right?