We would like to alert all our customers and all users of this website to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation.

Whilst we are an advertising platform and not the employer of the service providers on this website, thus we cannot tell them what to do or not do, we are currently discouraging in-person sex work. We have a new “NON-CONTACT” section on our website where our customers can advertise virtual services such as phone sex and webcam sex.

We note that government powers are in force around the world that put new limits on our personal freedoms and impact on how we can go about our daily lives. If you do not follow the law, there may be criminal penalties. Further, we note that these laws are in place for reasons of public health. We ask everyone to take very seriously the situation we all find ourselves in. To obtain the latest information about COVID-19, please always look to your offical government website – or the World Health Organisation

Currently our staff are providing ongoing support to our advertising customers. We are doing this by signposting our advertising customers to the latest official government advice. We are also helping those customers of ours that are moving to providing non-contact services with this transition. We acknowledge that many of our advertising customers are not working at present and are offering financial support to those in hardship. We are doing this through the Emergency Fund and we have also donated to Umbrella Lane for local Scottish workers. We are seeking to make donations to similar international funds at the moment to obtain a greater reach.

We ask everyone to please follow official government advice at this present time. Please also regularly check the official information sources as government advice is being frequently updated. For the health and safety and welfare of everybody please do your part and act responsibly during the Covid-19 emergency.

We continue to operate our multi-lingual call centre and support the escorts through this difficult time.

We are here for you when you need us most. Stay safe and we hope to see the world back to normal soon.

Download pdf version here