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Young woman feeling shocked and looking with confusion on digital tablet screen while browsing online at home. Outrageous photos or disgusting content in social network, unbelievable news in Internet
April 26, 2019

Anyone who visits our site knows that there are many different types of people who visit escort sites. Contrary to what the press has to say, it isn’t just losers who can’t meet people normally. You will find people from all walks of life and all social demographics going to see companions.

February 20, 2019

It is fair to say, most clients want to show the escorts they are with a good time. Even if this is more about their ego and validation as a good lover rather than any altruistic attitude, they still want to get to the same destination, the female orgasm.

couple on sofa kissing
February 12, 2019

Well, Valentines day is almost here, and many of us have plans to have lots of sex with our partner. We are getting geared up for that day in the year loads will be aiming for the biggest sex marathon of 2019. Sadly, lots will end up being disappointed.

couple kissing behind balloons
February 5, 2019

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and for those of us in relationships or who have access to escorts, it is a very exciting time. Romance is in the air, or if you are with a companion, maybe not the romance, but the more physical kind of fun is on offer. With that comes the important […]

shocked woman on pink background
January 30, 2019

A woman was in danger of being scarred for life after an old porn film she started watching turned out to star her mum and dead. The woman, who was 15 at the time was understandably left shell shocked. She has since recovered and is now sharing her story. A Regrettable Decision It all apparently […]

Young man holding tape measure, measuring his penis
January 23, 2019


OK, let’s face it, many men are self-conscious about the size of their penis. Maybe it is because we watch porn where all men are hung like donkeys (usually due to surgery of course). This gives a false perception of how ‘big’ the man is supposed to be, leading many men to possibly not be […]

woman leaning back having an orgasm
January 20, 2019

The clitoris truly is the magic area for women. Therefore, it is something that every man should know about. If you can get the most out of this special zone, the lady in your life will be very thankful. It is believed that 70% of women need their clit directly stimulated to orgasm, so if […]

Ose Vibrator
January 13, 2019

In a move that has brought numerous accusations of gender bias, a sex toy designed for women has been banned from the technology show CES. Lora DiCarlo said it had been invited to display its robotic Ose vibrator at CES in Vegas, after winning an innovation award. ‘Obscene and Immoral’ CES organiser, the Consumer Technology […]

Side profile of brunette on top of her macho, role play, bedroom, intimate pleasure, married partners making love, so romantic, cute, tempting. True love and feelings, gentle caress
January 7, 2019

Well, 2019 is here, and we all have our hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Some want to lose weight, others to quit smoking or drinking. Then again, you are here, and what all of us degenerates REALLY want is to have better sex. We may not have money at the end of the […]

young man prostate pain
December 30, 2018

A 47-year-old Dombivli woman, along with two associates chopped off the genitals of her neighbour, Tushar Pujare, 27 who had been trying it on for a couple of months Bobbetted After she ‘Bobbetted’ him, and in what seems an act of remorse, she took him to a local hospital for treatment,where he is said to be […]