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UK ‘try before you buy’ sex doll brothel gets fined
June 24, 2018

We all know the sex doll industry is becoming more prevalent. Today they look more lifelike, whilst once they were mocked mercilessly in that classic Only ‘Fools and Horses’ episode. However, for those of us who have never used one, one question remains. How good and lifelike do they actually feel? Well a sex doll shop which allowed customers to ‘try before you buy’ are now facing a whopping fine.

Man feeling shocked
June 22, 2018

I have spent the last few months watching season two of Westworld, and I have to say, despite mixed reviews, I have enjoyed it. The acting is, for the most part incredible. And the storylines, if often confusing, certainly maintain interest. There is also the underlying discussion as to the future of robots and A.I. Will robots one day be used for sex in much the same way as Delores was in the first season?

Man unbuckling belt. Attractive male body close up.
June 18, 2018

There seems to be this belief that, when it comes to masturbation and sex, men are at it, or at least thinking about it, more than women. Sex and masturbation aren’t things that women should enjoy, and so naturally men masturbate more.

Asian guy pulling warm pant, concept of sexuality problem or weight loosing
May 4, 2018

Ask anyone what the worst thing that could happen during sex is and most will state an injury. One of the most common injuries in the bedroom is a broken penis. A combination of factors means that your cock could snap, and this nightmare far too often becomes a reality.

Urinary or prostate problems concept. Young man holds paper with SOS above crotch.
April 12, 2018

It can be difficult to talk to your doctor when you are having penis problems. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem, with some statistics suggesting it affects 50% of men. That’s a lot of people. Yet for some reason we choose to stay quiet about it.

Young couple having sex with woman in ecstasy- shoot with lensbaby
April 3, 2018

They say that with age comes wisdom, and this seems particularly prevalent when it comes to sex. As we gain more experience in the bedroom, we acquire more skills to tease and turn our partners on. We can make them feel good thanks to our experience, and hopefully give them the best orgasms they’ve ever had.

Close up of beautiful half naked married young couple of attractive brunets making love in bed, kissing, so romantic, cute and sweet, tempting. True love and feelings, gentle touch
March 22, 2018

Sometimes we like to try new things in the bedroom to spice things up. We want to explore our kinks and discover the things that turn us on the most. Challenges are a good way to do this, as they get you out of your comfort zone. The 30 day sex challenge is a popular one at the moment, but is it one that you can keep up with?

Strong and determined female in sportswear standing in the gym and looking at camera. Sportswoman after intense crossing training workout session in gym.
March 20, 2018

When I’m heading off to the gym, I take great care packing my bag. I want to make sure that I have the essentials in there, such as my trainers and my sports bra, so I can get on with the exercises. To some people it seems that these are just too many items to take with them. They’d rather do their workouts wearing nothing at all. That’s right, they believe naked exercise is the way forward.

depressed woman
March 9, 2018

A man who was accused of sticking his finger up a woman’s bottom during sex has been cleared of sexual assault at Leeds Crown Court this week.

man cheating on his girlfriend
March 6, 2018

It has to be said, many of us have cheated on our partners. Whether that is a kiss in a nightclub or a fell blown affair is one for our own memory banks. Still it is safe to say that at at least one point in our life we have likely engaged in behaviour which if our partner found out about, we would be in serious trouble.