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Couple passionately embracing in city street, tender relationship, safe sex
July 1, 2019

Since the cult show ‘Sex Education‘ burst onto our computer screens earlier this year, it’s seen a lot of people jump on the bandwagon. From Generation Z teens to the baby boomers, everyone seems to have found something that resonates with them in this show.

Inked How Tattoos Are Linked To Your Sex Life
February 3, 2019

Ahh, tattoos. You either love them or hate them! They are like Marmite, well and truly dividing us. I’ve always found tattoos to be fascinating and gorgeous, but that’s not how everyone feels. Some hate them. I know this because of the comments I’ve had about my own in the past.

Couple lying in bed is not talking after argument
January 27, 2019

Times are hard. The news lately has been really depressing, leaving everyone feeling like things are just going from bad to worse. To make matters worse, some experts believe that we are in the middle of a sex recession. Usually the word ‘recession’ is used to talk about the economy, but not any more! It seems that a sex recession could spell trouble for the future. Should we be worried about it?

Will Going Vegan Really Fix Your Sex Life
January 21, 2019

Veganuary is nearly over, but many people are debating whether making the switch to the vegan life is one that they should make permanently. If you love animals and hate to see them suffering, it might just be for you. If you want to save the planet, it’s a move you may want to consider making. If you want a better sex life, this is what you need to do. Wait… what?

Would You Take Sex Classes To Better Your Skills
January 14, 2019

Self-improvement is a huge trend for 2019. We want to be better at things, including things in the bedroom. If we can learn something new to impress our partners, we will do it! Sometimes, the best way to do that is through classes.

Young woman feeling shocked and looking with confusion on digital tablet screen while browsing online at home. Outrageous photos or disgusting content in social network, unbelievable news in Internet
December 21, 2018

Where would we be without phones and the internet? Well, we’d probably be sitting in the bathroom, reading the backs of shampoo bottles and pretending we know what half of the ingredients are. The internet has given us access to everything we could ever hope for, and phones mean that this information is portable. Yet […]

Book with title Sex education on a table.
December 2, 2018

Do you remember your first lesson of sex education? Did you and your classmates laugh when you saw it on your timetable? Did you chuckle as you walked into the classroom and blush when the condoms were brought out? Sexual education is a part of many school curriculums, and it has changed a lot over the years.

young man prostate pain
November 26, 2018

I love expanding my horizons. I love learning about new things. That said, it can be difficult to get more information about certain acts, especially if they are in the world of BDSM. Online research can be made difficult, especially when those with no idea start talking about things. CBT is one of those areas.

A woman in lace stockings and underwear putting money in her stockings.
November 14, 2018

When times are tough, people will start talking about the economy and what we can do to better it. As individuals, we can all take small steps to try and improve it. But did you know that one of those small steps could involve bettering your sex life?

Revolting Prostitutes Book Launch & Mini Conference
November 11, 2018

‘ll admit that I’m no stranger to book launches. When you’re friends with authors, you’re going to get invited to a few. You’ll spend more money on books than you ever intended and meet some amazing people. However, I have never been to a book launch quite like the one for Revolting Prostitutes held at Partisan in Manchester.