Five Chat up Tips for Guys

November 4, 2013

For most guys, unless your are Pierce Brosnan or some other Hollywood film star, chatting up a lady can be quite difficult. You are constantly trying to strike that balance between showing interest, and not coming across as some sort of desperate loser.

Some guys however, really make a pigs ear of it. This is why your friends here at XEscorts have put together a five point guide to chatting up a woman. We hope you find it useful, and if you do make any errors like this, stop it!

1) Remember your Location

OK, if you are in a bar, then this is the kind of place you should be looking to meet women. Everyone is there to socialise, so the lady in question is likely to feel at ease when being chatted up.

Compare that to meeting a lady in the street, where she will be off guard. You go over, tap her on the shoulder and she will be more than likely be desperate to make a quick getaway. Remember, you could be a raving nutcase, how would the woman know?

Get her where she feels at ease, you will probably have much better luck.

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2) A Drink Doesn’t Guarantee Sex

Buying a drink is commonly thought of as a great way to get things going with a lady. It gives you an opening to speak to her, and can show you in a generous light. Still, the amount of guys who think that a woman who doesn’t then sleep with them, has in some way messed them around is astounding.

A woman can accept a drink, and then ignore you for the rest of the night. Yes, that may make her a little rude, but in the end, it is her choice.

Don’t push the issue.

3) Don’t get too Touchy Feely

Yes, you want to show you are interested, but putting your hands everywhere makes you look like some sort of sexual predator.

Maybe gently touch the woman’s arm, but always read her body language. Is she smiling? Does she look happy you are doing it? Always respect the boundaries of the other person. You will soon find out if she wants to be touched properly.

4) Be Careful with Compliments

Compliments usually come from the right place, but the amount of guys who manage to mess it up is incredible.

First things first, don’t start complimenting the girls boobs or ass right away. If you do, her pervert sensors are likely to go off.

It is much better to compliment her clothes. Say she has a nice dress or something like that. This will show you to be a nice guy, without you looking like a slimeball.

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5) No Means No

A lot of guys think that when a girl says no, that this is all part of ‘the chase’, and that it is an indication that they need to just up their game and make more of an effort. In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

If a woman says no, then she is likely to not be interested. At that point you should just move on as there are likely to be plenty of other women who actually want your attention. Why bother with those who don’t?

Meeting an Escort

Sometimes meeting an escort is just so much easier. Take the London escorts; you don’t have to worry about the whole chat up thing as you are paying for their time and companionship. You still have to treat them with with total respect, but they will definitely be attentive to your needs. They certainly won’t be bombing you off after they get a drink out of you.

No matter where you meet a lady, respect is the key. Those who look the least like perverts will usually have the most success.

Good luck!



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