How Not to Get Caught Cheating

December 3, 2013

So you are having, or thinking about having an affair, but there’s the lurking fear of getting caught. How can you have an affair and keep it a secret? If you decide to take the plunge, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons. If you are simply satisfying your needs, looking for some no strings attached sex or wanting to try something new, carry on! If you are looking for a relationship that will replace the one you already have; leave your partner or get a divorce. This will be easier in the long run and will limit any future trouble.

If you belong to the first category, you will want to make sure your affair is as stress free and ultimately as fun as possible, while of course making sure that no one finds out. Read the tips below; although it may not be possible to follow all of these, the more you keep in mind, the easier it will be to keep your affair a secret.

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Finding a Partner

I probably don’t need to tell that walking in to the nearest bar and seducing the first person you see is a bad idea. You are bound to be seen by someone you know, or rumours are likely to get back to your partner. Instead, why not try using an online dating site? This will allow you to choose a partner from the privacy of your own home. There are plenty of websites that are specifically designed for those looking to have an affair, so you will find someone who is looking for exactly the same thing. This reduces the chance of having sex with someone who is looking to start a relationship. Just make sure you delete your browsing history and any cookies from your computer afterwards.

When you are browsing, there are a few types you should try avoiding. We are specifically referring to those who are single and have kids. This type of affair is usually messy as you need to work around their children’s schedule and in some cases you may have to interact with them. As most affairs are fleeting, this is not fair on the children and in most cases single parents often hope that the affair will blossom in to something a little more stable. Yes, I am generalising and there are cases where it has worked brilliantly; but these are exceptions and in most cases it has ended disastrously. I have dealt with men and women who have bumped into their affair partner and their children while out with their other half, and although adults can usually keep a secret, children can’t!

Keeping a Distance

In my experience, long distance affairs are a good affair. If you are regularly on business trips, you can meet up without having to worry too much about the risks of getting caught. Another joy of a long distance affair is that there is not much in terms of expectations – you see each other when you happen to be in that particular part of the country. As long as you are both happy with that arrangement, this type of affair is great and usually has no complications.

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However, do not start an affair with someone who lives a couple of hours away if you are hoping to see them regularly. Eventually your partner is going to wonder where you are disappearing to every other Monday.

Make Minimal Changes

This ties into the point mentioned above. If you start making changes to your schedule or spending patterns you are going to get caught out. It is likely that your partner knows you very well and will spot the differences – this includes your mood! Yes, ok, you’re having more sex and you are feeling wonderful, but changing the way you act will only get your partner wondering. If an affair starts to take over your life then you’re partner is going to suss this out pretty quickly. So keep to your schedule; skip a trip to the gym instead (it’s a form of exercise anyway) or as mentioned above, meet your affair partner during business trips only.

Having an affair can be great and can give your sex life a real boost. However, you need to use your common sense and make sure that your affair is not taking over your life. If you are thinking of having an affair, or need some extra tips and advice; why not talk to one of our Leicestershire escorts? They are both knowledgeable and friendly and are always happy to give advice.



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