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Woman in hat and whip showing no talk, black and white
January 28, 2019

BDSM is now more mainstream than it has ever been before. It is mainly thanks to the book and film Fifty Shades, and we just can’t get enough of it. While we can agree that the portrayal of BDSM in the movie isn’t exactly accurate, it has brought it to the attention of the general public.

Couple lying in bed is not talking after argument
January 27, 2019

Times are hard. The news lately has been really depressing, leaving everyone feeling like things are just going from bad to worse. To make matters worse, some experts believe that we are in the middle of a sex recession. Usually the word ‘recession’ is used to talk about the economy, but not any more! It seems that a sex recession could spell trouble for the future. Should we be worried about it?

Durex Encourages Us To Lube Up During Sex!
January 25, 2019

Our bodies are amazing things. They are capable of incredible acts, and yet there are also times when we feel as though our body has let us down. For example, during sex you might find that you are feeling a little dry, which makes it challenging to enjoy the sex you deserve.

Young man holding tape measure, measuring his penis
January 23, 2019


OK, let’s face it, many men are self-conscious about the size of their penis. Maybe it is because we watch porn where all men are hung like donkeys (usually due to surgery of course). This gives a false perception of how ‘big’ the man is supposed to be, leading many men to possibly not be […]

Will Going Vegan Really Fix Your Sex Life
January 21, 2019

Veganuary is nearly over, but many people are debating whether making the switch to the vegan life is one that they should make permanently. If you love animals and hate to see them suffering, it might just be for you. If you want to save the planet, it’s a move you may want to consider making. If you want a better sex life, this is what you need to do. Wait… what?

woman leaning back having an orgasm
January 20, 2019

The clitoris truly is the magic area for women. Therefore, it is something that every man should know about. If you can get the most out of this special zone, the lady in your life will be very thankful. It is believed that 70% of women need their clit directly stimulated to orgasm, so if […]

Dirty Talk Phrases What To Say To Turn Them On
January 18, 2019

The first time a partner tried to initiate dirty talk with me, I clammed up. It was sexy as hell to hear them whispering these words to me, but I had no idea what to say back. I was clueless and felt so self-conscious that I said I wasn’t into it. Now I know that dirty talk can be amazing when you know what you’re doing.

No, A Bath Bomb Will Not Make A Great Dildo!
January 16, 2019

There used to be a joke that went round many years ago now. “Anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough”. At the time, many of us laughed about it… but it seems that some are taking this statement a little too literally.

Would You Take Sex Classes To Better Your Skills
January 14, 2019

Self-improvement is a huge trend for 2019. We want to be better at things, including things in the bedroom. If we can learn something new to impress our partners, we will do it! Sometimes, the best way to do that is through classes.

Ose Vibrator
January 13, 2019

In a move that has brought numerous accusations of gender bias, a sex toy designed for women has been banned from the technology show CES. Lora DiCarlo said it had been invited to display its robotic Ose vibrator at CES in Vegas, after winning an innovation award. ‘Obscene and Immoral’ CES organiser, the Consumer Technology […]