Why do Men Cheat?

November 27, 2013

For a lot of women, making sure that their man stays in control is of the utmost importance. Cheating is one of the largest phenomena for men or women, and over the centuries, it has developed significantly.

What is it that leads a man to commit adultery, when most things at home are going smoothly? Ninety percent of the time, if you ask a woman as to why her man is cheating, she will usually act confused and not really have an answer.

So, the question remains, what is it that leads a man to cheat on his beloved wife or girlfriend with another woman? Let’s find out some of the top reasons that lead men astray.

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Boredom in the Relationship

A survey revealed that men who cheat often cite boredom as one of the primary reasons for which they began to cheat. Living the same life over and over again can often get boring for most men. The same routine, the same sex life and no glamour in the relationship can often lead a man astray. Cheating is basically gratification for themselves; they enjoy it in the present moment. A man, who’s bored of the same life over and over again will often look for entertainment by meeting other women.

Marriage Troubles

If your marriage is in trouble, and you are leaving a lot of issues unresolved in your relationship, it is very likely that your man will continue to remain unhappy, both physically and mentally, and ultimately, he will become disturbed. Then, he will begin to dread coming home and listening to you ‘harassing’ him over and over again, reminding him of his failure to maintain the marriage properly, etc. Ultimately, one option would be to find solace outside of the home, and what better way to console oneself than in the arms of a woman? He is very likely to cheat on his wife whenever his relationship is difficulties; since he considers it to be an outlet to relieve his troubles. This doesn’t make it right, probably far from it, it just is the way many men will feel.

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Sexual Experimentation

The concept of sleeping with various women to feel ‘macho’ is one that has been drubbed over the centuries. You see adverts, shows and a lot of media coverage is given to men who have slept with numerous women. Obviously, this leads a man in to thinking the same. Sexual experimentation is one of the most common reasons for which men often cheat on their wives; they just want to know how it feels to sleep with more than one woman. They want to experience the feeling of waking up to another woman, to know her and to fulfill her needs and desires. It cannot be considered a psychological problem; most men generally do it for fun and curiosity.

They have Grown up with People Cheating

A study that was conducted last year revealed that a vast majority of the men who were caught cheating on their wives were those who had often seen their parents cheat when they were young. After all, we only learn from our parents, and if you have seen your father cheat on your mother as a kid, it is highly likely that you are going to do the same. More importantly, it is not only the parents that act as a sort of ‘inspiration’ to such men. This attitude also develops if you have seen your siblings, friends or neighbours cheat on their spouses or loved ones. Men get the feeling that if those people can get away with it, so can they and hence, they also develop a tendency to cheat.

Their Partner has Cheated on Them

One of the oldest reasons in the book, a man is most likely to cheat on his wife if she cheated on him at one point in time. It doesn’t matter whether she repaired the relationship, whether she apologized or whether she is now a loyal housewife. If she cheated on him once, man is more than likely to feel that he needs to ‘even out the scales’, and for that reason only, he feels that he is allowed to cheat on her as well. Obviously, in truth that is not how things work, but if his spouse was caught cheating on him, the man is more than likely to cheat on her.


The Male Ego

Often times, cheating men say that by cheating, they are able to boost their egos. The ego is a very important thing for a man; they are often willing to destroy relationships just for the sake of their ego. So, if you feel that your man has a big ego, it would be unwise to continuously trample on it, or otherwise he is likely to going to go in search of a woman who helps him feel like himself again.

Visiting Escorts

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In the end, all relationships need to be worked on, and a lot will depend on the individual as to whether they will stray of not.



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