Oriental Escorts

Oriental escorts, as the name suggests, are those companions who come from the Orient. Though the term may be considered outdated and is sometimes used incorrectly, it is usually used in relation to eastern lands, incorporating Asia, including the middle east and far east.

Escorts from the Orient will often be Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, but also from countries like Iran and Iraq. Since the term is quite general, it is important that you look at the nationality on the companion’s profile, so you make sure that you are getting what you envisage.

Ladies from this part of the world bring a real taste of the exotic to the escort industry. Maybe it is because they are in the minority compared to Caucasian women, meaning that your prospects of getting with an Oriental woman in the ‘real world’ are not that high. However, when you come to XEscorts you will see a good number of them, helping clients fulfil that fantasy.

Oriental escorts can perform incall and outcall services. The incall sees the client go to them, whilst during an outcall they go to see the client. Both have benefits, so it is up to the client to see who offers what.

The same can be said when it comes to escort favourites. The client needs to check what they do during that special time together so not to be left disappointed when he gets there.

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