Leicester Escorts

Leicester is a city and unitary authority in the East Midlands of England. As of 2011, the area had a population of 330,000. It is probably no surprise then, in such a hugely important location, that there is a massive escort industry here. And boy, the Leicester escorts are some of the hottest around.

Learning About Leicester

The city of Leicester has a long and proud history. It was an early settlement for the Romans in a mainly Celtic area. To this day, you will find ancient Roman baths and pavements as you travel the wonderful streets of Leicester.

West of the city centre, you will find Leicester Castle. Built around 1070, the castle is now a ruin. Still, it remains one of the biggest places tourists will visit when they come to the area.

Are you more of a sports fan? If that is the case, then why not make a trip to Grace Road to watch Leicestershire Cricket Club play their games. The atmosphere at their games is excellent, especially during the T20 games. Tickets are also readily available. Why not ask one of the escorts in Leicester if they fancy joining you for a match?

If shopping is more your thing, then feel free to visit Haymarket Shopping Centre. Opened in 1973, it is the oldest shopping mall in Britain. You will find all the main chains here, so if you are looking for something in particular, then you will surely find it.

There are a number of fantastic bars in Leicester as well. One if the best has to be the Firebug, which is located on Millstone Lane. You will find there is a great assortment of beers, as well as good quality, inexpensive food being served. However, there are numerous other choices, so have a wander wound and see which ones you like the best.

Needing somewhere to stay during your visit to Leicester. Well, you will be spolit for choice. The Hotel Ibis can be found on St George's Way, and has everything you will need for a short stay. It is also really cheap, so that just adds to its pull factors.

Make a plan to visit a Leicester escort today. You certainly won't be regretting is any time soon.

The Escort Forum

One of the best parts about Escort England, is the fact that we have an escort forum. This is a place where escorts and clients from all around the country can get together to talk about anything escorts, or non-escort related. Topics range from what is happening is the sporting world, to which of the Leicester escorts are the best ones to see,

Joining up is easy as pie, and more importantly, free. All you need to do is spend a couple of minutes filling out the registration form, and then you can dive right in and see what all the fuss is about. It certainly is a good thing to be able to discuss your fascination with the escort industry with like minded people.