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Highly sophisticated, classy, and for the discerning with special desires!

I am a transsexual. Or better a shemale. I do have breast implants size C, and a working surprise. I do not use hormones, but I am permanently and completely dehaired. The only exception is the hair on my head, which is my own. I do not ever wear a wig. I exclusively and only live as a female, and I can travel as such as I am listed as female in my passport. Sensually I love men, women and anything in between!

I speak English, Dutch and German very well. I do understand French but I am not fluent in it.

I truly enjoy having fun and I love being the object of your sensual desire. So, when we have fun I do have a great time just like you.  Use me, or have me on you. I love it all. I am a bottom. And you may determine what I wear. Not only in the bedroom, but when we are out in public as well. And do not be shy about what you want me to put on, I am not shy about it either.

I will truly give you the experience you so desire. I am there to make you happy. And when you are happy, I am happy. I will adore you and make you feel loved. Physically and emotionally. I am highly educated, and I have travelled the world. In my previous career I dealt with high level people including captains of industry. So, I can hold a conversation and give you a wonderful time over dinner or while strolling through town.

There is more to me you need to know. As I said, I am a total dominant but I am also a slave. And you may treat me as such. I love being used as a slave for your kinks and perversions. Yes, I assume the nice role easily. . Furthermore, you may do al kinds of nasty things to me. Just let me know what you desire to do and most likely I will say yes.

I will travel to you and with you in Western Europe. Any destination outside that area we will have to discuss. Or you come to my home country, Holland, and we will spend a great time together over here. And if you so desire I will do a cam show for you. During the show I will behave in my most perverted way and take assignments from you.

Ask me about my rates with details about what you want to do with me.




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