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They call me Emma , and I’m the kind of lady who knows how to treat her men. I also hate to be bored. I never want to stop having fun, finding new things, and enjoying new people. That’s what makes my job, the job of being an escort, so perfect for me. If you’ve always got to have fun and stimulation, if you can’t stand being bored or doing the same old thing day after day, then being an escort is definitely the job for you. Every day when I get my schedule, I have new and fun and different things waiting for me. Maybe I’m going to get all dressed up and go to a formal event, making the man on my arm look like the most successful and important guy there. Maybe I’m going to go to some casual social event, where I turn heads and make the other people there wonder what kind of stud my date must be to have me on his arm. Maybe I’m going to go to a business convention, where I build the kind of memories that my date’s coworkers will be talking about for months and even years to come, again wondering if their coworker is just the kind of incredible ladies man who can pull a fine piece of prime tail like me. And as we go through it all, as I make my man look incredible, I’m also working out my own skills. I have to be all things to all people in this job. I have to know how to conduct myself so that my date is never embarrassed and never put on the spot. I’ve got to know when to talk and when to hold my tongue. I’ve got to know when to speak and when to just look good, and if I say something it’s got to be the right thing. People don’t realize just how complex this job can be. But by complex, I don’t mean difficult. To me, this job comes as naturally as anything, as naturally as breathing. I love doing what I do. I love being an escort and meeting new, fun people every single day. It’s strange that, as much fun as I like to have, and as exciting as I find life, some people think it takes me a while to open up. They may think I’m guarded, but when I’m out with a date, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll take my cues from my date, sure, but if he wants me to open up, that’s what I do. If he wants me to respect his privacy, I can do that too. And if he wants me to listen, that’s what I do best. So many men have so much to share, and so many interesting stories to tell. I like hearing about their lives. I like it when they can unburden themselves to me. When a man opens up to me and shares with me, then it helps me to better get to know, not just him, but myself. We never know ourselves better than when we are getting to know a different person. As I explore myself, as I learn to express myself, everybody benefits. WE both have the best time possible. I don’t ever want to lose myself to a lack of self-expression or self-exploration. I want to always learn more about myself, and more about the people I date. I like to put myself out there, you know? I’m the kind of girl who can rock your world if you’ll just open up.


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36 D Natural
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40 (M)
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2.5 UK Size
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