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When choosing to advertise with XEscorts, you choose the most comprehensive services to promote your business.

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Your spot on the number one directory for adult entertainment, with the highest traffic in the industry.

Best customer service in the industry

24/7, 7 days a week, more than 12 different languages, through phone, email and live chat.

100% self service platform

You have total control over your advert with a few clicks, whenever, wherever.

Easy payment options

Enjoy many easy payment options including pre-paid cards, credit cards, and Paysafe vouchers.

The Small Print

  • You must setup your whole tour prior to activation.
  • Advertisers can create and activate adverts for 30 days at no extra cost.
  • Once an advert has been activated, it cannot be paused or placed on hold.
  • TOP Adverts cannot be purchased alone, they are in conjunction with a profile and are only active when your profile is active. If you set a banner live without the linked profile active, you will lose these days and your banner will not be displayed.
  • All requests to add additional days must be made and processed during our advertised opening hours. Requests made outside of our advertised openings hours will not be deemed to have taken place on that day and the effective day of the request will be the next day.
  • All prices are inclusive of IGIC at the standard rate (where applicable).
  • Additional days can only be added to active advertisements.
  • Advertising extensions are available for free. The option for an extension is for 30 days only.
  • Should you cancel an advert before it is due to expire, you can activate it again for free.
  • TOP Adverts are only available in packages of 30 days.
  • By taking out an advertisement you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.

Classic Advert

Your Profile Advert includes:

  • Optimal exposure for your services, on the industry leader’s website.
  • Multilingual 24/7 customer service.
  • Access to all upgrades for your advert.
  • Bonus - Start at no1! Your advert starts from the top left corner on the front page.
Profile rates


classic advert

30 days


Top Advert

30 days

Double Top Advert

30 days



Available now


Double Advert

24 Hours

Do you have any question? Give us a call on +44 203 5889531 to speak with our sales team.


100 credits = 100 EUR
100 credits = 98 GBP
100 credits = 1100 SEK
100 credits = 1100 NOK


Please note that due to fall in the value of the GBP currency, the cost to purchase credits is currently fluctuating and you may find the cost of advertising increasing because of this.

This is outside of our control.
You can monitor the rate at

What are credits

All of our websites now allow you to select our products and features which, to makes things easier, are now priced in Credits. Whether you pay in Euros, Sterling or another currency this will be converted in to Credits which can then be used to buy items such as reactivations and TOP adverts. This also means that you can add "extra" funds to your credit balance that will remain on your account for you to make speedy purchases any time you like, avoiding the need to make payments over and over. This is great for activating services like homepage reactivations and TOP adverts and puts you fully in control of your advert 24/7. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Available Now
Get more bookings right now!

What is it?

A special frame for your thumbnail with a flashing icon, with the starting time of when you are available.

Where does it appear?

Wherever your advert appears, you will be tagged as Available Now.
Plus, you appear in the Available Now page filter.

For how long?

Active for 60 minutes, starting from the time that you choose.

Available now feature

Double Ad
Size matters!

What is it ?

Double the size of your Profile Advert.

Where does it appear?

Wherever your advert appears, it will be XL size!

For how long ?

Active for 24 hours, starting from the time that you choose.

Double Ad feature

Skip to no 1!

What is it?

A reactivation is a premium product which gets you seen by potential clients by putting your advert in the prime position on the site.

How does it work?

A reactivation slot moves your advert to the first position of the homepage and location pages. You choose when this takes place, giving you the chance to maximise exposure at prime times.

For how long?

Adverts change position according to how many adverts we have on the page.
Newly activated adverts are placed first.

Reactivation rates

TOP Advert
Be on TOP!

What is it?

Better visibility and bigger format than the Profile Advert, with a personalized design. Get more calls now!

Where does it appear?

Always at the top of the page, where the punters look first.

For how long?

For 30 days.

What is the position?

Guaranteed position in the TOP section. TOP Adverts rotate randomly within the section.

TOP Advert rates

Double TOP Advert
The biggest of all!

What is it?

The best visibility of all upgrades, and the best value for your money! Double the size of a TOP Advert with a personalized design.

Where does it appear?

Always at the top of the page, where the punters look first.

For how long?

For 30 days.

What is the position?

Guaranteed position in the TOP section. TOP Adverts rotate randomly within the section.

Double TOP Advert rates


There are no bundles available at the moment