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Norway is a land of great beauty and real excitement. This is why it is a very popular tourist destination, even for those who are based in the country anyway. Hey, when you have such wonder on the doorstep, why would you need to fly to farther shores? One of the best areas in the country is Lillehammer which is known far and wide as the home of the Winter Olympics in 1994.

Lillehammer is a town and municipality in Oppland County, Norway. The city centre is a late 19th century collection of wooden houses, and as of 2011 the town had a population of 26,639.

Thing To Do in Lillehammer

Most famous for being the home of the 1994 Winter Olympics, in modern times it has become well known for being the home of a number of Lillehammer escorts who certainly get a gold medal when it comes to quality of service.

The Norwegian Olympic Museum is located here and is the only museum in Northern Europe that shows a full history of the Olympiad, from ancient to modern times. Unsurprisingly, there is also a special area dedicated to 1994.

If sport really isn't your thing, then 'Maihaugen', centrally located in the town, is the biggest open-air museum in Norway. It contains 185 buildings and is well worth a visit if you are looking to expand your mind.

But you can't think of coming to Lillehammer without going skiing. Hafjell is nine miles away from the centre and is where the slalom and super-G were held in 94. Why not try the resort out for yourself? You could even check with a Lillehammer escort to see if they fancy a trip there.

Well, we all know that skiing can get the adrenaline flowing (if you ski like me you will have seen your life flash before your eyes three times at least). This is why it would be a great idea to pay a visit to one of the erotic massage providers in Lillehammer. They will help relax you, and you will certainly be leaving the meeting with a smile on your face.

If after that you want to have a drink, then go to Paddy’s. There you will be able to get refreshment, letting your hair down after a long day exploring and enjoying what the town has to offer.

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