Attention! We are not medically trained. The information on this site should not be construed as medical advice.

Most escorts are very safe sex conscious, making having sex with an escort arguably safer in general than having a one-night-stand with a 'regular' woman, but clients should not rely on their escort to take all the necessary precautions.

Before You Engage in Sex:

Both escort and client should be thoroughly clean. If either party has any piercings, cuts, sores or rashes these should be covered with a plaster (It is recommended that people who bite their nails wear surgical gloves for fingering activities, due to the risk of bleeding). Check for pubic lice if there is public hair (Most sex workers are shaved). Jewellery or other items of clothing with sharp edges should not be worn as they can cause injury or tear condoms.

Sexual Activities & the Risks:

Vaginal Sex - Using a condom will help to protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STI) during vaginal sex. Condoms containing Nonoxynol 9 should not be used by female sex workers or other women who have lots of vaginal sex. Vaginal sex without a condom is not safe, escorts offering it or clients requesting it should be AVOIDED!

Anal Sex - Using a condom and a water-based lubricant, such as KY Jelly, will help protect you against STI during anal sex. However, other lubricants, especially oil-based ones, are unsuitable. Specially toughened condoms designed for anal intercourse are available and may offer more protection. Condoms containing Nonoxynol 9 should not be used for anal sex. Anal sex without a condom is not safe, escorts offering it or clients requesting it should be AVOIDED!

Oral Sex - Condoms can dramatically reduce the risk of STI transmission during oral sex and a barrier, such as a dental dam, can give oral protection. Herpes type 1 or 2, causing cold sores around the mouth or genital sores, may be passed on through oral sex. The person giving oral sex may also be at risk from gonorrhoea and chlamydia, or syphilis on the tongue and lips. Hepatitis C is generally only contained in blood and so may only be transmitted if blood is present. HIV and Hepatitis B can pose a small risk for both the active and receptive partner. Both can occur when the active partner gets sexual fluid or blood into a cut, sore, or ulcer somewhere in their mouth or throat. The linings of the mouth and throat are resistant to viral infections such as HIV, so infection is unlikely. Transmission from an HIV positive active partner to an HIV negative receptive partner is uncommon, because HIV it is normally only present in saliva in very low levels. There is a bigger risk of transmission from bleeding wounds or gums in the HIV positive person's mouth or on their lips, which may transfer blood onto the other person's genitals, or into any cuts or sores they may have. Whether or not oral sex should ever be engaged in without protection is for escorts and escort clients to decide for themselves... Some do, some don't!

Rimming - Rimming involves oral contact around the anus. To reduce the chance of infection, good anal hygiene before sex and good oral hygiene after sex is vital. Using a barrier like a dental dam to prevent poo from getting into your mouth can help protect you from the possible risks, which are a range of intestinal parasites and Hepatitis A.

Sex Toys - The most important thing when using sex toys is to make sure they're clean beforehand. For added protection, condoms can be put over them. Condoms should be changed between insertions. The risks with sharing sex toys include bacterial infections and Hepatitis A, or, if there's blood present, Hepatitis B and C and HIV.

Watersports & Hardsports - If the person being pissed on has no unbroken skin, there is a relatively low risk of passing on any infection. Poo play is more of a risk, because poo contains organisms which can cause illness or infection. Poo doesn't usually contain HIV, but it can contain the hepatitis A virus. There's a chance of infection when poo comes into contact with broken skin or if it comes into contact with the mouth or eyes.

The escort business is full of lingo that might not be easily understandable to all, especially those new to the business. This is a guide to the meaning of various terms you may encounter in this business. We have included escort and adult lingo, sex terms and regional slang.

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69 - Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus.

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A - Short for anal sex.
AC/DC - Slang for bisexual.
Active - In male/male sex the active partner is the one who performs anal penetration.
Age Play - Role play involving pretending to be a child.
A-Levels - UK euphemism for anal sex.
Anal - Short for anal sex.
Anal Sex - Using the rectum for sexual intercourse.
Around The World - Slang for kissing the entire body.
AWO - Acronym for anal without, meaning anal sex without a condom.

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Backdoor - Slang for a woman's anus.
Bad Client - Term used by escorts / prostitutes to describe dangerous / violent or non-paying clients.
Bait & Switch - When a bad escort or escort agency uses photos of very attractive ladies that are not really available in their advertising, in order to 'reel' punters in.
Balls - Slang for the testicles.
Bareback - Slang for sex without a condom.
BBBJ - Acronym for bareback blow job, i.e. oral sex on man without a condom.
BBW - Acronym for big beautiful woman. Larger escorts often describe themselves as BBWs.
BDSM - This is a term which describes a number of related patterns of sexual behaviour. The major sub groupings are: Bondage (B), Bondage & Discipline (B&D), Domination & Submission (D&S, DS, D/S) and Sadism & Masochism (or Sadomasochism) (S&M, SM).
Beat the Meat - Slang for male masturbation.
Beaver - Slang for the vagina.
BJ - Acronym for blow job, meaning fellatio.
Bi - Short for bisexual.
Bi Curious - A term for someone who is curious about or willing to experiment with bisexual activities.
Bird - UK slang term for a woman.
Blow Job - Fellatio.
Blue Balls - Severe need to experience sexual orgasm in a male.
Bondage - When restraints are placed on the body.
Bondage & Discipline - Also abbreviated to B&D. This could involve several sexual practices like bondage, slave training, corporal punishment and dominant / submissive role play.
Boner - Slang for an erection.
Boning - Slang for sexual intercourse.
Bottom - The sub in a sub / dom relationships or the male who receives anal penetration in a male/male relationship.
Brazilian - A waxing where most or all the pubic hair is removed.
Brothel - A house of prostitution. In England this word has negative connotations and brothels tend to market themselves as escort agencies.
Brown Showers - Another name for hardsports.
Bugger - To perform anal intercourse.
Bukkake - Sexual practice where several men ejaculate on the face of a woman.
Bumhole - Slang for the anus.
Bush - Slang for the female genital area, specifically pubic hair.

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Call Girl - Not used much in England, but this term means a high-class escort or prostitute who only works outcall.
Cat O' Nine Tails - A multi-thonged whip.
Cherry - Slang for the intact hymen of a virgin. Popping her cherry is breaking her virginity.
Clit - Short for clitoris.
CIM - Acronym for cum (ejaculate) in mouth.
Cock - Slang for penis.
Cock & Ball Torture - Also CBT. BDSM practice of attaining pleasure by inflicting / receiving painful stimulation to the male genitals.
COF - Acronym for cum (ejaculate) on face.
Coitus - Sexual intercourse.
Completion - Orgasm. For example, OWO to completion means oral sex without a condom until ejaculation.
Cowgirl - Position for sexual intercourse, the man on his back, the woman sitting on top.
Covered - Used when describing services, to mean with a condom.
CP - Acronym for corporal punishment.
Crack - Slang for the vagina or buttocks.
Cream - Slang for ejaculation / semen.
Creampie - Ejaculation into the vagina or anus without a condom.
Cross Dressing - Sometimes abbreviated to CD, means dressing up as the opposite sex, usually males dressing up as females.
Cum - Also come. Slang for orgasaming / ejaculation / semen.
Cunnilingus - Oral sex in which the mouth or tongue is used to stimulate the vulva and clitoris of a woman.
Cunt - Slang for the vagina (derogatory).

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Daisy Chain - Sexual activities in which several people are stimulating each other's genitals simultaneously.
Deep Throat - A form of fellatio that involves accommodating the whole length of the penis in the mouth and throat.
Dick - Slang for penis.
Dildo - A sex toy, usually made of silicone, rubber or jelly, which is used to enhance sexual pleasure by insertion into the vagina or anus.
Discipline - See Bondage & Discipline
Dog - UK slang for an unattractive woman (derogatory).
Doggie Style - Slang for a sexual position where the male penetrates the female from behind.
Dogging - UK and England phenomena. People go to public places to have exhibitionistic sex so other people (voyeurs) can watch.
Domination - Domination is where one partner dominates over the other. Escorts and other ladies in England offering domination are offering to be a dominant partner. Also Dominant, Dom, Domme, Domina, Dominatrix - The person that is in charge. If the person is a male he is called a dominant or dom; if female she is called a domme, domina or dominatrix.
Double Penetration - When a woman is penetrated by two men simultaneously, one in the vagina and one in the anus.
Dungeon - A place for BDSM activities to go on in.
Dyke - Slang term for a lesbian.

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Eating - Slang for vaginal oral sex.
Escort - A person who sells companionship.
Escort Agency - An agency with numerous escorts on its books.
Exhibitionist - A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his or her body to others.

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Face Sitting - Slang for the practice of a woman sitting on a man's face, smothering him.
Facial - This is where a man ejaculates over a female's face.
Fanny - Slang for vagina.
Family Jewels - Slang for the testicles.
Field Report - Also FR. A review of an experience with an escort or prostitute written by a client.
Fellatio - Kissing, nibbling, licking or sucking the penis.
Female Ejaculation - When a woman ejects fluid from her vagina during orgasm.
Fetish - An extreme sexual interest in a particular activity, object or a part of the body.
Fisting - The art of inserting the whole hand inside the vagina or anus.
Flagellation - Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm.
Flasher - A man who displays his genitals in public places.
Foot Fetish / Foot Worship - Sexual obsession towards feet or shoes.
Foreplay - Term used to describe sexual activity that takes place in the early stages of arousal.
French - French sex. Another term for fellatio.
French Kissing - A kiss with one or both partner's tongues inserted into the other's mouth.
Full Service - This generally means full sex and fellatio.
Full Sex - Vaginal intercourse.

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GFE - Acronym for Girlfriend Experience. A GFE is where an escort or prostitute provides a girlfriend type experience, i.e. french kissing etc.
Gang-Bang - Sexual practice where a woman has vaginal intercourse with several men in succession.
Gigolo - Slang term used to describe a male escort / prostitute.
Give Head - To perform oral sex.
Go Down On - To perform oral sex.
Golden Shower - Watersports.
Greek - Anal sex.

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Hand Job - Masturbation, particularly at the hands of another.
Hardsports - Also H/S. Defecation in a sexual context. Usually means the escort defecating over the client or for the client to watch.
Hard On - Slang for the state of male sexual arousal resulting in the erection and hardening of the penis.
Hooker - Prostitute.
Horny - Slang for being sexually aroused.
Humiliation - Humiliation in a sexual context, whereby one person gains arousal / excitement from being humiliated and demeaned.
Hustler - Prostitute that searches for customers, largely American term.

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Incall - Escort booking where the client visits the escort. Opposite of outcall.
Independent Escort - An escort who works for herself, not an escort agency.
Infantilism - Infant-like behaviour in role play, e.g. wearing a nappy.

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Jack Off/ Jerk Off - Slang term meaning to masturbate.
John - A slang term for an escort / prostitute client.
Johnny - Slang for condom.

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Knockers - UK slang for breasts.
Knocking Shop - UK / England slang term meaning brothel.

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Lap Dancing - A form of adult entertainment popular in the UK and England where a woman dances provocatively while wearing little or no clothing.
Lay - To perform sexual intercourse.
Load - The fluid from an ejaculation.

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Masochism - See Sadism & Masochism.
Massage - Rubbing, stroking or kneading a person's body, sometimes with oil, for sensual or sexual pleasure or to relieve stress, pain or stiffness.
Massage Parlour - Local Authority licensed premises in the UK where female masseuses offer massage and often prostitution services too. For more info, see the E-E guide to Massage Parlours & Saunas.
Masturbation - Sexual stimulation of one's own or another's sexual organs, usually with the hands, but also with other parts of the body or with objects.
Mature - A term used to describe an older women in the adult world. In England, escorts as young as 30+ will often describe themselves as mature.
M?nage ? Trois - Three people engaging in sexual activity together, often involving a couple and an outside lover.
Missionary Position / Mish - A position during sexual intercourse where the man is on top of the woman and lying between her legs.
Mistress - A woman who takes control in SM role play.
MMF - A male-male-female threesome.
Muff - UK slang for vagina.

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Natasha - Slang term for Russian / Eastern European escort / prostitute.
Nymphomaniac - A women who feels a compulsion to have sex with as many men as possible.
Nuts - Slang for testicles.

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O-Levels - UK euphemism for oral sex.
Oral - Short for oral sex.
Oral Sex - Either fellatio or cunnilingus but usually the former in the context of escort talk.
Orgasm - The climax of sexual excitement, usually involving rhythmic contractions of the pelvis and genital muscles, which produces highly pleasurable sensations throughout the body. In the male it is usually accompanied by ejaculation.
OTK - Over the knee (spanking).
Outcall - Where the escort visits the client at his home or hotel. Opposite of incall.
OWO - Acronym for oral without. Means the woman performs oral sex on the man without a condom.

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Passive - In male/male sex the passive partner is the one who receives anal penetration.
Peeping Tom - A person who derives sexual satisfaction from watching others undress or engage in sexual activity. Also known as a voyeur.
Pearl Necklace - A male ejaculating over a female's breasts / shoulders / neck.
Phone Sex - Talking dirty and / or the act of mutual masturbation or fondling while talking on the telephone.
Pimp - A person who inducts and / or manages prostitutes.
POA - Acronym for price on application. Term often used in escort advertisements where escort doesn't publish her rates.
Pro - Prostitute.
Prostitution / Prostitute - The practice of engaging in sexual activities in exchange for money. A person who engages in such activity is known as a prostitute.
Provider - Prostitute.
PSE - Acronym for porn star experience, meaning seeing an escort or prostitute who is a porn star.
Punter - An escort or prostitute client
Pussy - Slang for vagina.

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Quickie - A very brief sex act.

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Red Light District - An area of a city or town where prostitution services are easily available.
Rent Boy - A male prostitute, often young, who provides gay sexual services.
Reverse - Means the opposite way round to that which is most common between an escort or prostitute and her client. For example, reverse oral means cunnilingus.
Rimming - The practice of licking or sucking the anus of a partner.
RLD - Acronym for red light district.
Role Play - To act out a fantasy or desire with a partner, e.g. boss and secretary, teacher and pupil, nurse and patient.
Rubber - Slang for condom.
Russian - Slang for thrusting penis between a woman's breasts, simulating intercourse.

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Sadism & Masochism / Sadomasochism / SM / S&M - A form of sexual practice in which pleasure is gained from a combination of sadism and masochism. Sadism is a form of sexual practice in which a person gains pleasure from inflicting pain on another. Masochism is a form of sexual behaviour in which a person derives sexual pleasure from feeling pain, or having humiliation or domination inflicted on them.
Scat - Any sexual practice that involves faeces. Also see hardsports.
Screw - Slang for the act of sexual intercourse.
Sex - On its own usually means vaginal intercourse.
Sex Slave - A person consensually choosing to be a slave in the BDSM sense or a victim of trafficking.
Sex Worker - One who is paid for providing sex or sexually arousing conditions, including prostitution, striptease, lap dancing, commercial phone sex, and erotic massage.
Sex Toys - Devices that are designed to give or increase sexual pleasure, e.g. vibrators.
Slag - UK slang for a dislikeable promiscuous woman (derogatory).
Slave - A submissive that is involved in a slave / master fantasy.
Slave Training - The instruction of a submissive in a dominant's preference. The submissive's behaviour is hereby conditioned.
Slut - Slang for a woman who has or who has had many sexual partners (derogatory).
Snogging - French kissing.
Snowballing - The act of transferring semen from one mouth to another.
Sodomy - Anal intercourse.
Solicit / Soliciting - To offer sexual services in return for money, especially in a public place.
Spanking - Spanking another for the sexual gratification of either or both parties.
Spank the Monkey - UK slang for act of male masturbation.
Spoons - A position for sexual intercourse, both partners lying on their side, with the man behind the woman.
Spunk - Slang for semen.
Squirt - Slang for female ejaculation.
Stallion - A male who possesses a very large penis.
Straight sex - Vaginal intercourse.
Strap On - A dildo that is worn around the waist by a female, via a strap, in order to perform anal sex on a male.
Streetwalker - A street prostitute.
Stud - A male who is in great demand as a sex partner.
Submissive / Sub - A submissive is a partner who allows the other to dominate over him / her. Ladies that say they are submissive are offering to be a submissive partner.
Sub / Dom - Sexual practices in which partners take defined dominant and submissive roles.
Suck off - To perform oral intercourse on the penis.
Sugar Daddy - A man who keeps a younger person for sexual favours.
Swallows - Means that the woman swallows the man's cum.
Swinging - Partner swapping and sharing within groups of friends or associates. Swinging may involve singles or couples having sex play in pairs or groups, in front of each other or in private.
Switch hitter - A bi-sexual.

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Tart - A woman who has or who has had many sexual partners or is an escort / prostitute (normally derogatory but not always offensive).
Tea Bagging - The act of placing the testicles in the mouth of a partner.
Timewaster - A term escorts use to describe clients who make enquiries and bookings with no intention of following through.
TLC - Acronym for tender loving care.
Top - The dom in a sub / dom relationships or the male who gives anal penetration in a male/male relationship.
Touring Escort - An escort who is only touring the area she is available in temporarily.
Trafficking - Trafficking is where vulnerable women and girls in foreign countries are duped into travelling to another country in order to work as prostitutes.
Training - Slave training.
Trick - Slang for sexual services performed by a prostitute. Turning a Trick is the act of performing a sexual act for money.

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Uncovered - Without a condom
Uncut - Term used to describe an uncircumcised penis.
Uniforms - Escorts that advertise 'uniforms' are saying they have uniforms they can dress up in for clients, e.g. schoolgirl, policewoman / bean garda, nurse.

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Vacuum cleaner - One who applies great suction during oral sex.
Vanilla Sex - Refers to what society regards as standard or conventional sexual behaviour. Often used to describe sex with no kinky elements or missionary position sex.
Vibrator - Sex aid, powered by mains electricity or batteries, that vibrates rhythmically to produce sensual pleasure.
Vice Squad - A police unit set up to specifically target prostitution.
Voyeur - A person who enjoys and becomes sexually aroused by watching others undress or engage in sexual activities.

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Watersports - Also W/S. Urination in a sexual context. Usually means the escort urinating over the client or for the client to watch.
WG - Working girl.
Whore - An escort, prostitute or sex worker (derogatory).
With - Usually means 'with a condom'
Without - Usually means 'without a condom'.
Working Girl - An escort, prostitute or sex worker.

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If you can suggest further escort related terms to be added here, please Contact Us.

Welcome to The Eejit's Guide to Escorts.

Escorts are not prostitutes. A prostitute charges for sexual services. An escort charges for her time and companionship only. Yes, escorts often have sex with their clients, but that is a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults... It is not the escort selling sex to the client!

This website is an escort directory, not an escort agency. We cannot vouch for the escorts we advertise anymore than the Golden Pages can vouch for the plumbers it lists! Be aware, whilst most escorts are honest, there are those who use fake photos or are less than truthful in their advertising!

If you don't like to gamble, read escort reviews before you choose. Not all escort reviews are reliable and no two clients have the same experience with the same escort, but if you want to play it safe, stick to escorts who allow reviews and have multiple good reviews that appear credible to you.

Escorts are not free phone sex lines. Escorts publish detailed information about themselves online, so they don't have clients continually calling with questions. Read the escort's profile before calling! If you're not sure if you want to make a booking, make your mind up, and then call!

No withheld numbers, no texting, and a landline number may be required for outcalls. For their own safety and to avoid timewasters, most escorts will not answer calls from private numbers or text messages. If you request an outcall, you may be asked for a landline number to confirm.

Book in advance and at short notice. If you want to see a specific escort at a specific time or have a particular request about dress etc, it is a good idea to book in advance. On the other hand, if you are looking for something last minute, lots of ladies will be happy to see you on the day you call.

Declare any health issues you have. Mention any health issues you have when booking in case they are a problem. It is only fair to do so, and for health and safety reasons escorts have to be especially careful of viruses, cold sores, cuts, scars, sores or anything that could be infectious.

Don't worry if you're not a stud. Some clients fear that escorts will mind that they are overweight, inexperienced, short, not well-endowed etc. Don't worry. Escorts don't worry about things like this. Cleanliness and respectfulness is all that is really important to escorts.

The cleaner the client, the dirtier the service. The importance of hygiene cannot be overstated. You cannot expect intimacy, if you are not 100% clean. Have a shower, paying particular attention to your private parts (penis, scrotum and bum), clean your teeth, scrub under your nails and shave. You can go easy on the colone! Put on clean underwear and carry mints for fresh breath. Be prepared, even if you've done all this, your escort may still ask you to shower when she meets you. Don't be offended. Some escorts insist all clients shower at the beginning of an appointment.

Be on time and discreet. If you are visiting the escort, listen to her directions carefully, and ensure you are on time... Not early, not late! If you are unavoidably delayed, call to let her know. Do not walk into the lobby talking on the phone loudly repeating the room or apartment number!

Make sure your place is welcoming if you're getting an outcall. Ensure your escort has clear directions to your home or hotel room and it is clean and tidy when she arrives, paying special attention to the bedroom and bathroom. Offer her a drink, preferably from a sealed bottle, or a can.

Don't turn up hammered. Have a drink beforehand to calm your nerves if you like, but ten pints of Guinness is not a good idea. Most escorts will turn drunken clients away, for their own safety, not to mention alcohol breath is a turn-off and brewer's drop may affect your ability to perform!

Don't try to barter and expect to pay cash up front. You should have the exact fee in cash, pre-counted in an envelope. Be ready to hand it to the escort or place it on a table that's easily seen at the beginning of the date. Don't get the money out, like you're at the checkout in Dunnes Stores!

Get off to a good start. Once you have met, the lady may want to make a brief call to confirm she has met you and all is ok. After that, just relax and chat with your escort for a few minutes. Don't be pushy or grabby. Let her guide the session at her pace. Everything in good time!

Tell your escort what you want. Your escort wants to please you. Don't be afraid to tell her what you enjoy and what you'd like to get from the session. She is a professional and she is not going to be shocked by any request you make! The worst that can happen is she'll say no!

Expect safe sex and nothing less. All escorts will insist you wear a condom for vaginal and anal sex and very possibly also for oral sex. If you meet an escort who doesn't insist on protection where vaginal or anal sex is taking place - leave - her health and safety standards are unacceptably low.

Do not expect kissing. Many escorts don't like to kiss their clients as they find it too personal for the escort / client relationship. Unless an escort specifically advertises the fact she enjoys French kissing or offers a G.F.E. (Girl Friend Experience), assume kissing is not likely to be on offer.

Don't expect anal sex, OWO, rimming etc. All of these are non-standard things that some people enjoy and some people don't enjoy. If you are looking for something particular that goes beyond the standard, seek out an escort who advertises the fact she enjoys that particular activity.

Be a gentle and considerate lover. You don't need to be the world's greatest lover, but mind that you are not rough. Your escort will appreciate it if you don't grab her tits, bite her nipples, attack her clitoris, go at it too hard or fast, squash her or ram your tongue down her throat!

Remember no means no. If you want something that your escort is unwilling to go for, even if you have been led to believe it would be available to you... Back off as soon as she says no! An escort, just like any woman, always has the right to say no at any time and that must be respected.

Always treat escorts with respect. Money buys you some time with an escort... The right attitude buys you a great time with an escort! Be a gentleman. Treat the lady as you would like to be treated. She is a human being, not an object. Never think, because you are paying, you can be rude and nasty. Always be respectful, kind, caring, and sensitive. Escorts care very much how you speak to them and behave around them. Treat the lady like the lady she is and she will respond positively. Being nice costs no more, but it will get you a free upgrade!

Don't overstay your time. You are entitled to the time you have paid for, and most escorts don't mind clients taking a few extra minutes, or having a quick shower after the appointment, but be fair. Some escorts work to a tight schedule which is easily messed up if clients overstay.

Don't get too personal. Don't expect your escort to tell you her life history or innermost secrets. Detailed personal questions are a no-no. Don't ask unless you are looking for a very cool reception! And don't fall in love or try to make your relationship with an escort more than business!

Gifts, tips and saying thanks. Clients are not expected to bring a gift or leave a tip. However a small gift, like chocolates or flowers, can get an encounter off to an extra good start. If you feel the escort has provided a very good service, always remember to say thank you, and leave a small tip only if you want to.

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