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Gävle is a city in the south of Sweden. As of 2017, it had a population of 100,603, making it the 13th most populated city in the country. The oldest city in the historical 'Norrland', it received its charter from Christopher of Bavaria in 1446. In the modern era it has become something of a tourist hotspot, much to the pleasure of the Gävle escorts who are proud to call this wonderful part of Sweden home.

Discovering the Municipality of Gävle

You can't mention this city without telling people about the Yule Goat. Made of straw, it is usually set on fire every year, although this is an illegal act not looked on too fondly by members of the community. Still, this has made it famous. It has become a symbol of the city, and is used as a marketing tool for the city.

The city has two teams competing at the top level of their respective sporting leagues. These are Gelfe IF in football and Brynäs IF in ice hockey. All get decent attendances and boast a good atmosphere.

The prison museum, the county museum, and the railway museum are all great. They give a real look at the history of Gävle so are popular with both visitors and people who live here.

The options when your discover the city with a Gävle escort are limitless.

Finding The Right Gävle Escort

There are plenty of Swedish escorts here, but how do you make sure that the person you choose is who you selected? We all know that there are sometimes incidents where less scrupulous companions 'bait and switch'. This is why we have a verification system.

This is where the companion sends in a real picture of themselves so our staff can work out if it is the same person. If we agree it is then we will put a green tick on the photos. True, things are never guaranteed, but it will certainly help your odds when it comes to getting that ideal date.

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