TV Transvestite Escorts

TV escorts are companions who are transvestites. This means that they are men, but they also enjoy exploring their feminine side by dressing in women’s clothes.

The TV escorts on XEscorts will give the client an opportunity to experiment in a way they may not do in their normal life. They get to explore things about their sexuality as they are with a man but one who is dressed as a woman. For many, this makes an incredibly exciting experience.

Sexuality has become a lot more fluid in recent times. Once upon a time, this kind of escort meeting would have been frowned upon. Now though, many men feel comfortable exploring these things. This means that more men are seeing this type of companion, whilst more TV escorts are joining the industry to take advantage of that. It really does add some diversity into our type of fun.

It is vital though that the client realises that not all companions are the same. There will be things they do and don’t do, and for many TV’s, they are exploring things themselves. No-one should ever go into an encounter with them expecting them to do everything. Make sure you are mutually compatible.

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