4 Tongue Techniques For Amazing Oral Sex

June 3, 2018

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A big part of oral sex is the use of the tongue. Your tongue is capable of bringing someone an immense amount of pleasure, if you know just how to use it. The problem is that a lot of people don’t. They’ll lick furiously as though they are digging for gold and their tongue is a shovel.

No, it doesn’t sound at all sexy, does it? This is why it is important to research different tricks to try to get your partner off. If you are going down and eating pussy, here are four tongue techniques you’ll want to try.

1. The tip of your tongue

This technique is one that you will probably do a lot without realising it. The tip of your tongue is perfect for stimulating your partner’s clit, if you know that they don’t mind a little pressure on their sensitive tip.

For a lot of people, the clitoris is far too sensitive for this kind of attention. For some, however, it is something they love. They like for you to press the tip of your tongue against it, varying in pressure to make them feel amazing.

This is something that you are best talking to your partner about before doing it. If they don’t like this kind of attention then it is going to be painful for them. After all, the clit is the most sensitive part of the body. You want to make them screaming in pleasure, not pain!

The chances are you'll tend to use the tip of your tongue to stimulate your partner's clit

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2. Lay it flat for long licks

The problem with the above technique is that it is going to tire your tongue out very quickly. Your tongue will start to ache, and so you won’t be able to keep it up for too long. Often it won’t be long enough to give your partner the orgasm that they deserve!

Try relaxing your tongue instead. Keep it flat and move your entire body towards them. This saves you from craning your neck and straining yourself. Relax and move into your partner. You can easily work your tongue up and down their pussy then.

Another big bonus of this is that you can then do long licks. Lick from the tip of their clit all the way down their pussy lips and back up again. Take your time doing this. It’ll drive them wild and help to stop the ache in your tongue. You’ll find that you last longer this way!

Get tired giving oral? Relax your tongue, keep it flat, and you'll save yourself from the ache

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3. Curl your tongue

A lot of tongue techniques for you to try during oral sex focus on actively licking at their clit. Instead, you could try something a little different and that is by curling your tongue.

Curling or rolling your tongue is going to allow you to create a little valley. You can place your tongue so that their clit is position in it and then slowly move your tongue up and down while keeping the shape.

You’ll be treated their clit like a tiny penis, moving your tongue slowly up and down it. The position of your tongue will allow you to stimulate the clit from both sides, leading to an intense orgasm!

It is one of the more effective tongue techniques for oral sex

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4. Give it a spin

If you find that tongue techniques like the one above are a little too complicated, you could always try this one instead. It keeps things simple and you can vary it slightly to suit your partner’s needs.

Try circling their clit. You can start off soft and slow with your movements and build up the pressure. This works particularly well for anyone who is a little too sensitive for direct contact on the clitoris. It gives them pleasure without being intense.

Best of all, you’ll find it easy to maintain this technique. The technique above can be hard to keep up for a long period of time, but this is simple and easy. Best of all, it’ll leave them squirming beneath you, so what are you waiting for?

Spin them right round with your tongue

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Our favourite tongue techniques

You’ll need to vary the tongue techniques you use based on your partner’s desires. If they are too sensitive, tongue techniques 2 and 4 will work well. They don’t apply direct pressure, so you can pleasure them without pain.

If, however, they like firmer stimulation, you could try techniques 1 and 3. Still not sure what your partner will like? Talk to them. They’ll usually have an idea and you can give them the touches they want the most!

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