5 Dangerous But Amazing Sex Positions!

May 1, 2015

Everyone is always looking for a new and exciting sex position to try, but scanning through the pages of the Kama Sutra takes a long time, and honestly, we don’t know how they get into half of those positions without breaking limbs first.

However, there are some sex positions that people warn against. They say that, although they feel amazing, they are dangerous. Now saying that is like putting a big red button in front of us and saying “do not press”, so we decided to have a look at these positions and find out what makes them so dangerous and yet so amazing.

The Eager Chef

The Eager Chef received its name because it tends to happen in the kitchen on the counter. It’s definitely a heat of the moment position, where your girlfriend is being so enticing and sexy that you just have to fuck here then and there. There’s no time to go to the bedroom – you need to have sex right now!

To get into the Eager Chef position, the man stands on his toes while the woman climbs onto a high counter or table, leaning her pussy over the edge. The man then slips his cock inside her and away you go!

This position might not seem all that risky, but if you get a little too carried away and enthusiastic, it can be painful. If you miss your target, your dick will have nowhere to go except the counter or her pubic bone… ouch!

So why do people risk this position? Well, it is spontaneous and very easy to get into. You don’t have to contort yourself before doing it, and the fact that the woman can rest on the counter takes a lot of pressure off the guy to hold her weight. It also provides the perfect angle for g-spot stimulation, meaning you can get her off a hell of a lot quicker.

Cowgirl Lean Back

You should be familiar with the cowgirl position. It’s a popular one for the men, as not only do they get great sex, but they also get the chance to squeeze some beautiful bouncing tits while they’re at it. Could it get any better than that?

Well, yes, it seems, and it takes one very simply movement to make it better. All the woman has to do is lean back as much as she can.

Obviously, there are a few obvious problems from this. Without your legs supporting her in the right way, she could hurt her back. However, there is another problem. If you feel a tugging sensation on your penis, get her to lean more towards you. If you don’t, you could hyper-extend your penis – and no-one wants that!

This position is so good though because it puts her in control, and the angle is perfect to get her screaming in orgasm on your cock. It also gives you a nice view, so why would you complain?

The Pogo Stick

If anyone has ever managed to have sex on a pogo stick, kudos to you. Thankfully, this position doesn’t actually involve a pogo stick. It has just received that name because it involves a lot of bouncing.

Think of it as the standing missionary position. The man picks the woman up and holds her over his cock, slowly gliding her down onto his shaft before using his thigh muscles to bounce her up and down. All she has to do is hold on to his shoulders and enjoy the right.

This one poses a great many risks. You need a lot of strength to pull this off, as it is all on you. Leaning too far can give you back strain, and poor footing can send her falling to the ground… or onto your cock the wrong way.

However it’s also good because it fulfils a fantasy for many women, of simply being picked up and fucked. The angle it great, and you are totally in control. It is great for spontaneous sex.

Stairway to Heaven

It’s a song that we all know and love, and the sex position named after it is one that you will definitely grow to love almost as much as the epic Led Zeppelin song. All you need is some stairs.

The man sits himself as comfortably as he can on the stairs. The woman then sits herself down on his cock facing away from him, and leans back a little to get the perfect angle.

If you haven’t spotted the risk that comes with this position yet, then you shouldn’t even try it. Because this position requires stairs, it can end badly. Either your foot slipping or her foot slipping at the wrong time could lead to disaster.

However, it’s good because the woman is in control, and the angle makes it perfect for orgasms. The unusual setting is also a huge turn on… just make sure you take your time to avoid injury!

The Body Builder

You don’t have to live on protein shakes and spend three hours a day in the gym for this position, don’t worry, but it does require a lot of strength from you both. Arguably, it is more strenuous for the man, but if you don’t think you can do it, try another position instead.

Like the Pogo Stick, you start in standing position, but this time near a wall. The man picks the woman up so that she is straddling him and she leans back against the wall for that extra support. Now you can fuck away to your hearts content!

As with the Pogo Stick, losing your grip can end badly, with your penis being bent the wrong way or your partner hurting herself as she falls. However, it is a popular position because it takes sex out of the bed, even if you stay in the bedroom, and the position is great for g-spot stimulation.

Have you tried any of these positions before? How difficult did you find them, and were they successful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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