5 Frustrating Sex Habits People Have In Bed!

July 20, 2017

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We pick up all kinds of unusual sex habits in bed. We might have found that a previous partner really loved it when we bit their lip, and so we’ll try it with future partners. However, this kind of behaviour can get really frustrating… especially if you aren’t paying attention to what it is that your current partner really likes.

Eager to make sure you aren’t repeating some of the frustrating sex habits we have encountered? Take a look at the list below to read about five of the most common habits people have in bed… and why they bother us so much.

1. ‘Teasing’

I’m all for my partner teasing me in the bedroom. Whether they want to slowly touch my body all over and make me beg for them to fuck me or they want to try edging by bringing me as close to orgasm as they can before stopping, I’m up for it.

However, what I’m not into is when people ‘tease’. This is when your partner decides that they are going to continuously stop and start over and over again, usually going like a bat out of hell and then ceasing all activity with a laugh. They believe that it is teasing when it really isn’t.

Teasing means building your partner up and getting them closer to orgasm, before slowing things down. However some people will just go hard and fast and then stop and expect this to count as teasing. It doesn’t. You want to drive them wild with desire, not frustration. If they don’t seem to be enjoying themselves, they probably aren’t, so try something different.

This is what teasing should be like

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2. Giving no feedback

There are certain acts people love doing in bed. Personally, I am a huge fan of oral. I love going down on someone and making them cum with my mouth. Often though, people will decide that they shouldn’t make any noise at all during sex.

We’re not sure why, but giving your partner some kind of feedback is useful. If you are just lying there, we might not think you are enjoying it. We’ll keep changing things to try and find what works for you. Staying quite isn’t doing you any favours.

Found that you don’t like our technique? Tell us. The whole point of sex is to enjoy yourself and to make your partner feel good. Telling us what you like and don’t like is going to help us to please you, so don’t be shy about it. Even if you don’t feel like you can tell us, moaning when we are doing something right is going to help a hell of a lot.

Moaning during sex is good feedback

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3. Asking questions and ignoring the answers

A common phrase many people will hear in bed is “how do you like that?” or “do you like it?”. These questions are used to try and ensure that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves. The problem is that some people don’t want an honest answer.

If you say to your partner “oh yeah, you like that, don’t you?” you are asking for feedback. If they tell you “actually, I don’t, can we try something else?” don’t get arsey about it. They are being honest with you.

It can be difficult sometimes to take feedback from your partner in bed, because sometimes we see it as criticism. However, if you have asked them, expect an answer. They are just trying to answer your question, so listen to what they have to say.

Don't ask for feedback is this is going to be your reaction

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4. Speeding up

One of my biggest pet peeves in bed, and one of the most frustrating sex habits I have encountered, is when you get close to orgasm and tell your partner that you are close. For whatever reason, many take this as a cue to go harder and faster than ever before, as though they are trying to hammer a stubborn nail into the wall.

Don’t do this. If your partner is close to orgasm, keep doing exactly what you are doing. For women in particular, a change in rhythm or pace can actually make us lose our orgasm… which can spoil the fun completely.

If they are close to cumming, it is because you are doing something right. So don’t change it. Keep things the same and you’ll find that they are soon screaming your name for all to hear.

Keep doing what you are doing if your partner says they are going to cum

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5. Checking your phone

Unfortunately this is something that happens a lot more than it should. We take our phones with us everywhere. Most people can’t even go to the bathroom without reaching for their phone! But you need to keep your phone out of the bedroom.

Why? Well, it seems that a lot of people are checking their phones during sex. That’s right – they’ll be in the middle of fucking their partner and get a notification that they feel absolutely cannot wait.

If you are doing this then it will make your partner feel as though they aren’t holding your attention. Plus, it’s rude. How would you feel if a woman was going down on you and pulled out her phone to reply to a Snapchat while still sucking your cock? Put your phone on silent and leave it alone.

Keep the phone out of the bedroom

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Which sex habits do you find frustrating?

The problem is that we have all developed so many bad sex habits that we need to fix. It can take time to fix them, as well as a willing partner to point out the things that we are doing that we shouldn’t be.

These are a few of our pet peeves in the bedroom, but you might have others. Tell us all about the sex habits you find frustrating by leaving a comment in the box below.

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