5 Oral Sex Techniques You Should Learn!

January 4, 2018

5 Oral Sex Techniques You Should Learn!

Oral is one of those things that you either love or you hate. You might love nothing more than tasting your partner with your tongue as she squirms underneath you, but for those who don’t love it, it is often because they don’t know what they are doing. They might not have the right oral sex techniques to make their partner feel good.

Thankfully this is something that you can learn. You can learn a number of different oral sex techniques to up your skill in the bedroom. Here on the XEscorts blog, I give you five different techniques you should learn.

1. Don’t go for the clit

During oral, many people will focus on the clit. They’ll think that the clit should be the centre of attention, and won’t bother touching their partner anywhere else as they go down on them. This would be a huge mistake, as their pussy will be sensitive in so many other places.

When it comes to techniques, you should try to ensure that you forget about the clit, at least for a little while. Instead, focus on all of her pussy. You want to turn her on first, so really get to know her pussy with your tongue and mouth.

You can gently lick around her vagina, or you can slide your tongue up and down her pussy lips. This will show her that you aren’t in a rush and that you want to know what makes her feel good. This will help to relax her and actually make her more likely to orgasm because of your movements.

As tempting as it is, going straight for the clit may be a mistake

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2. Use all of your tongue

One of the most common but incorrect oral sex techniques that people use is to turn their tongue into a mini penis. They’ll make it hard and stuff and try to fuck their partner in the pussy with it. I can tell you that someone attempting to penetrate you with their tongue doesn’t do anything. In fact, it just feels uncomfortable.

So instead of focusing on just the tip, try to use all of your tongue to get her off. You can press your tongue hard and flat against her clit and gently roll your tongue. This will feel incredible for her, and show that you can use all of your tongue.

The problem with this is that there are so many ways that you can move your tongue. While it would be great to say that there is one set way to get her off, the techniques will vary from person to person. Instead you should experiment with your tongue and see how you can move it to make her feel good.

Your tongue is great so use all of it

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3. Move your lips

Oral sex is not all about how you use your tongue. The best oral sex is when you put your entire mouth to work. This is an excellent skill to learn if you find that your tongue gets tired, as you can take a break and still make your partner feel good.

You can try laying light kisses on their pussy lips. This will feel good to them as show that you are taking things slow and not rushing. Plus, there are so many amazing ways you can use your lips.

For example, why not place them gently around her clit and suck? Don’t suck as though you are trying to get something up a straw. Instead, just a light and gentle suck will work. It’ll change the oral sex techniques you are using and leave her feeling amazing, without being too intense.

Your lips can get involved too!

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4. Hum

You could also try humming. If you have ever had a partner hum while they are going down on you then you’ll know how good it can feel… so try to copy this and give your partner one hell of a treat. You don’t have to go too hard. Gently humming will work really well here.

It’s great for stimulating her clit, especially if your tongue and mouth are getting a little tired. You get a break while still making her feel amazing!

Still not convinced this is the technique for you? You can always cheat. Many bullet vibrators are waterproof, as well as being small enough to hold in your mouth. You can add a little vibration to oral sex without the effort… so you can concentrate on the fun things instead!

You don't have to hum a tune, but humming can help

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5. Let her move

There are so many different oral sex techniques you can try, but one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to let her move. Often you’ll find that you’re tempted to stop her from wiggling underneath you. After all, it can be hard to concentrate on what you are doing.

However, a lot of the time you’ll find that she is moving for a reason. It might be that your touch is too intense for her, to the point of being painful. It could also be that you aren’t quite hitting that sweet spot and she wants to guide you.

So let her move. You could always stay still and let her rub against your mouth and tongue. It’ll be incredibly hot to watch and you’ll find that you learn a lot simply by her actions, so pay attention!

Let your partner move during oral

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Your favourite oral sex techniques

There isn’t one trick we can tell you that will be guaranteed to make her come every time. If there was, we’d have shared it. But everyone is different, and so what gets them off might not be what gets others off.

The key is to experiment and learn as many different oral sex techniques as you can so that you are prepared. The more you know, the more options you have when you go down on her!

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