5 Oral Sex Tips To Get Her Off!

March 9, 2016

If you really want to impress a sexy lady in the bedroom, the best thing that you can do is show you have the skills to get them to orgasm during oral sex. Most women struggle to get to orgasm through penetration alone, so a little foreplay can go a long way. However, plenty of people have trouble doing this because the oral sex tips they’ve been given are actually wrong.

Have you ever been told things like “spell the alphabet with your tongue”, “lots of pressure” or “change your speed regularly”? If so, you’ve been given bad oral sex tips that are actually more likely to make her say no rather than yes! Here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at five oral sex tips to get her off. Forget what you think you know about it and stick to these oral sex tips to really show her a great time!

1) Get hands on

People mention oral sex and we immediately think of someone with their head buried between someone’s thighs, enthusiastically moving their head around while the person they are going down on moans and groans at how good they are. However, oral sex isn’t all about the mouth.

Okay, so it is a big part of it, but you’ll find that most people use their hands, so don’t be afraid to get hands on! It can really help you, especially if you teasingly stroke them all over her body to get her in the mood first.

You can use your hands to help spread her pussy apart a little. This lets your get even closer, and makes licking her to orgasm even easier. Plus, if she want it, you can keep your mouth on her clit while you slide a finger into her cunt to tease her g-spot.

2) Use your tongue

Often, people follow the wrong oral sex tips and have their tongue in the wrong place to get her off. Instead of making it hard, like a dagger, you should keep it soft and flexible. This is for two very important reasons.

The first is that the muscles you use to keep your tongue rigid will get tired really quickly. In no time at all, you’ll find your tongue lolling. You won’t be able to keep up the hard pressure you’re trying to get on her clit, which means after a few minutes you’ll have to stop. You don’t want to leave her disappointed, so keeping your tongue relaxed will actually help you go for longer!

The second important reason? You hit her clit in the right way. Poking and prodding at it with the tip of your tongue doesn’t feel great. There are so many nerves in the clit, making it sensitive, that using the flat of your tongue on her will give you the chance to hit each sensitive point and have her moaning and groaning in no time.

3) Get a bit lippy

Lots of people use their hands and their tongue when it comes to oral sex, but lips get left out of the equation. We start to think that they are only for kissing, but if you really want to get her off, you should start using them in oral sex.

For a start, kissing your way all over the lower half of her body will turn her on for oral sex, and your mouth is then ready to do what you really want to do and get her off.

You can use your lips to lightly suck on her clit, making her feel great. However, don’t suck too hard! The clit is very sensitive, and if you suck too hard it’ll cause her pain, not pleasure. Definitely not what you want to do!

4) Under pressure

There is a fine art to getting the perfect pressure during oral sex, and it can be really tricky to do. Some people press too hard, causing their partner pain, while others go too lightly.

When you get it wrong, it can not only make it hard for your partner to reach orgasm, but they might actually simply fake an orgasm to get it over and done with.

Unfortunately, there is only really one way to find that perfect pressure, and that is to keep trying. Practice makes perfect! Just keep in mind that you want her to feel something if you think you might be pressing too lightly. If you’re pressing too hard? She’ll tell you.

5) Actually WANT to do it

Not everyone enjoys giving oral sex. You might find that it is a huge turn off for you, as you don’t find it particularly exciting. It might even be that your partner has poor hygiene and you find the idea of going down on her disgusting.

However, if you are going to put yourself through it and give her a great orgasm using our oral sex tips, there is one final tip you should take notice of: you should actually want to do it.

You will probably have experienced a pretty lacklustre blowjob in your time, where your partner has just bobbed their head up and down a few times and been done with it. If you don’t want that, women don’t want it either! You should either give it your all or not bother, because we will know the difference between a man who loves giving oral sex and one who doesn’t.

Sharing your oral sex tips

There are so many different oral sex tips online that it can be difficult to figure out which of the tips are the best and which aren’t. We’ve already given some examples above of those that definitely don’t work, but perhaps you’ve got some other oral sex tips you think we need to know.

You can share them by using the comment box below. Here you’ll find a growing community to talk to, all eager to share their favourite oral sex tips to help you get it right.

Got something else you want to talk about? There’s plenty of room for you to talk about that, so share your thoughts and see what others have to say!

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