5 Things Women Don’t Care About In Bed

August 5, 2015

Most of the time we can just jump into bed with someone and concentrate on just what you are going to do to them, thinking about the way we are going to lick their bodies and make them come. But sometimes we start to worry about what they think of us, and that can ruin the mood.

If you have ever found yourself panicking about what your hot and sexy woman is thinking when you are fucking her, stop and read our list of five things women really don’t care about in bed. It will hopefully set your mind at ease and you can get back to what you should be doing, which is giving her the fucking of a lifetime!

What techniques you use

You would be surprised by the amount of men who like to brag about the techniques they know for pleasuring a woman when they get into the bedroom, instead of actually putting them to use and showing the woman that what you know works!

Even when the guys do use the techniques instead of talking about them, they might start to worry that their partner isn’t enjoying it and so start asking constantly if they are enjoying it, which can totally ruin the mood.

If you find yourself doing this, stop. Actions speak louder than words, and that applies to both talking about it and asking about it. Instead just do it! Rub your tongue from side to side across her clit and see how she reacts. If she starts to squirm about you and moan, then you know she is enjoying it. No need to go “hey baby, you like that?” when her body is telling you just how much she likes it!

If you have a six pack

A lot of people worry about their body and if it is good enough. We understand why. Men and women do it because every day we are assaulted by images of the “perfect body” and so we want to be like that. If we don’t look in the mirror and see that it is a hell of a knock to our confidence, and we think that others care about the little bit of bulge there or the fat here.

To tell the truth, we really don’t. If you look after yourself and know how to give us a good time in bed, we don’t care what you look like. For the most part, we’d rather have a guy in bed who can get us off than a hunky man with a six pack who doesn’t know where to put his dick.

Instead of focusing on your body, think about ours. Show us how much you love our bodies by kissing them all over and touching them and we will do the same to you.

The size of your dick

It isn’t just how fit you are that keeps your mind occupied when you should be fucking us. Men all over the world worry about their dick size, and often on the internet you will see people asking if size really does matter.

Yet no matter how many times you are told “no” and that “it’s not the size, it’s how you use it”, you still worry. You’ll whip your cock out of your pants and expect us to say “thanks, but no thanks” and walk away.

For the most part, women really don’t care if you’ve got the smallest dick they’ve ever seen or the biggest in the world. What matters to us is how you use it. If you just thrust a few times into us and expect us to throw our heads back in ecstasy, you’ve got another thing coming. Use it for our pleasure and the size really won’t matter to us.

Your orgasm face

When you are having an orgasm your entire body reacts. Your muscles tighten, you’ll moan and maybe even say our name aloud, and your face will change to show the pleasure you are feeling. In porn movies they always look amazing, but that doesn’t really translate to the bedroom.

Because of that, men will try to hold back or put their head somewhere that their partner won’t see it, just in case they find their orgasm-face a turn off. If you haven’t guessed where we’re going with this, here’s a hint: we really don’t care. The sex is what matters, not what face you pull

If this is something that really worries you, a good way to get over it is to give your partner an orgasm. It might sound like a simple solution, but by doing this you’ll see her face and see just how unimportant it is. If you still worry, simple use that time to kiss a part of their body so they won’t see it, such as their neck. The closeness will make sex even more intense.

How long you last

In pornos the men can last for hours on end without even the hint of getting too close until the woman is on her knees at the end, ready to receive the man’s hot milk into her awaiting mouth. Real life isn’t like that, and even with the help of condoms you might not last as long as you were hoping too.

As long as the sex is good and you can give the woman an orgasm, it really doesn’t matter. If you find yourself shooting your load before she has finished, go down on her. Use your tongue to show that sex isn’t over until she has had an orgasm, and she will quickly forget about how long you lasted in bed.

What are your biggest worries in bed? Do you think about what others might think about you, or do you just get on with it? Let us know and leave a comment below.

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