5 Ways Mature Sex Is So Much Better!

June 9, 2017

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Certain things take time to perfect. If you are learning a new language, you’ll practice over and over again in order to get it right. It’s the same with sex. You aren’t going to be amazing the first time you have sex with someone… even if you like to believe that you are! This is why people say that mature sex is better.

There are others, however, who don’t agree with this. They think that mature sex isn’t any better than sex for young people. They believe that being young goes in their favour when it comes to fucking, and that those who say otherwise are just wrong. So we give you the five ways having sex when you are older is better.

1. Numbers and experience

For most people, we tend to have had more sexual partners the older we are. In some cases this isn’t true, as people might stay with one person in a long-term relationship, but for others they like to spend time meeting new people and learning more about them.

That is why older people have better sex. It’s a numbers game. The more sex you have, or the more sexual partners you have, the more experience you will get. They will have tried new things and have some great ideas to try and spice things up in the bedroom.

Often when you meet a sexy older woman, their age is their resumé

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2. Experience leads to better knowledge

When you sleep with different people you’ll notice that they all have different interests in bed. Some might like to fuck a certain way, while others enjoy dirty talk and kinky sex more than anything else. The more people you have slept with and the more sexual experience you have, the better your knowledge.

It means that, when you sleep with someone knew, you have a whole arsenal of tricks at your disposal. You can try so many different things to see what turns them on, and you are sure to find something that they really like! Experience leads to a better knowledge of the different ways people enjoy sex.

It might not work that way in Game of Thrones, but in the bedroom, knowledge is power

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3. What’s wrong with being confident?

Not only do mature people have a better understanding of what makes other people tick, but they have also gotten to know their own bodies really well over the years. They know what works for them and have come to love their bodies.

This body confidence can be incredibly infectious. When it comes to mature sex, you’ll find that how much they love their body makes you want to love it all the more. Their confidence rubs off on you and you want to show off your skills as well, making for a hell of a sexy time. Sex becomes more intense and exciting because of it.

When you are confident in the bedroom, those around you are more confident as well

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4. Willingness to try new things

For those who do not have a lot of experience with sex, trying new things can be intimidating. You want to stay in your comfort zone while you explore, but for those enjoying mature sex, they’ll find that they are much more open to new experiences.

This is because they know what can happen when you try new things in the bedroom. Think about it. What is the worst that could happen if you try something new? You don’t enjoy. That’s it. If you don’t enjoy it, you don’t have to do it ever again. But what if you find something you love? You’ll never know unless you try, so take that leap of faith!

Opening yourself up to sexy new possibilities in the bedroom could lead to great experiences

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5. Know what you want

We have mentioned this very briefly earlier, but for mature people, they have a lot more confidence in themselves because they know what they want. All of their experience in the bedroom means that they know what turns them on and what works for them. They know what they want.

They also aren’t afraid to ask for it. Communication and sex is something people struggle with when they are younger. They don’t have the confidence to talk about their needs. With mature sex you’ll find that the couple communicates much more, and that they are willing to point their partner in the right direction if they are unsure at all. It helps to make sure everyone involved gets what they want.

Why not ask for what you want in bed?

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Mature sex is the best

When you are younger, you tend to think that you are having the best sex of your life. It is full of energy and spontaneity, and we start to believe that this will go away when we get older. But that isn’t the case. Mature sex can be even more exciting because you are no longer afraid to try new things or tell your partner what you want!

But what do you think? Is mature sex so much better, or is it simply a case of sex can be incredible regardless of your age? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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