The 5 Worst Things About Shower Sex

January 20, 2017

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Lots of people fantasise about shower sex. It seems like such a good idea at the time. When you jump into the shower with your sexy partner, you then discover that it might not have been as good of an idea as you thought it was.

Having sex in the shower presents you with a number of different challenges. Here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at the five worst things about shower sex and tell you how you can avoid them.

1. It’s slippery

Showers tend to get slippery when wet. This means that you have to be careful in the shower so you don’t fall on your ass and hurt yourself. This is even more important if you are in the middle of sex.

Keeping yourself and your partner upright proves to be one hell of a challenge when you are having sex in the shower. The more you move around the more likely you are to fall over. Definitely not what you want when you are having hot sex!

The best solution for this is to avoid using tons of soap. Soap makes it difficult for you to keep your grip. You should also invest in a non-slip mat for in the shower. Sure, it might not be a sexy thing to lay down before you fuck, but it is going to save you from injuring yourself or your partner at that crucial moment.

Showers are a slippery place

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2. Small space

Of all the places in the home for you to fuck, the shower is the least spacious. There isn’t much room for you to move, and unless you are lucky enough to own a large shower, you’ll struggle to fit two people in there without making a mess of the bathroom.

Unfortunately there aren’t many solutions for this. You could simply save your shower fun until you are at a hotel with a spacious shower. But waiting can be so difficult.

In the end you might just put plenty of towels down to catch any water that escapes and just force yourself into the small gap. You want to experience shower sex, and so you might just have to deal with the tight space. At least you have an excuse to be pressed up against your partner!

Come a little closer

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3. Limited positions

This problem leads on from the fact that you are in a very tight space. Because you haven’t got a lot of room to move, you’ll find that the number of sex positions you can enjoy are limited.

In bed it is different. You have so much space around you that you could go through the entire Kama Sutra and manage everything… if you are flexible enough. In the shower it isn’t as easy.

That said, you still have some good choices to try and stop sex from being boring. Standing sex is a lot of fun, especially if you have the strength to lift your partner. You could even get her to bend over for you while you slide in from behind. Not good enough for you? Oral in the shower is fun if you can manage to stay on your knees for long enough.

This is boring sex

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4. Wet, but not wet enough

You’d think that being in the shower means getting your partner wet isn’t going to be an issue. However, the water can actually make it a challenge to get her wet enough for sex.

You manage to get wet everywhere except where it matters, and because showers tend to be quickies, you need the wetness in order to enjoy it.

This is why using lube is essential. Water-based lubes might be a firm favourite for many, but in the shower they wash away really quickly. This is why you are best trying other types of lube. Just make sure the lube you choose is compatible with the condoms you use or you could end up in trouble!

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5. Condoms slip off easier

Safe sex is important. But mixing the shower with condoms is a bad idea. The hot water can really make a difference to how effectively the condoms work.

For a start, they can slip off a lot easier. Definitely not what you want in the heat of the moment! But the hot water can also weaken the latex in the condoms, while body washes and other items can make them less effective.

Thicker condoms can help you enjoy your fun in the shower. Still not comfortable? Stick to foreplay in the shower. You’ll find it much easier and you won’t be worried in the same way about the condom tearing.

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Why we still have shower sex

Having shower sex is still a lot of fun, even with all of these obstacles in the way. That is why it is a great idea to get some alternatives and techniques to help you cope with the 5 worst things about shower sex.

But how do you feel about sex in the shower? Are you a big fan, or do you prefer to keep things to the bedroom? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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