Is Airport Sex Better Than The Mile High Club?

May 4, 2017

Silhouette of young couple standing on the hill and kissing under a flying airplane at sunset time

A sex bucket list isn’t an unusual thing to have. Plenty of people have kinky fantasies that they want to fulfil, or new things they’d like to try in bed. Things like threesomes and joining the Mile High Club are regulars on this list, but it seems that there might be a new sex trend people want to add… and that is airport sex.

Joining the Mile High Club carries a lot of risks, and so people are trying to instead keep their feet on the ground. They are fucking in airports instead. So what is it about airport sex than makes it so appealing, and is it really better than having sex at 35,000 feet?

The Mile High Club and its risks

There are plenty of risks associated with joining the Mile High Club. Sure, it seems like a huge turn on to sneak off to the bathroom and enjoy sex at high altitudes, but it isn’t that simple.

Staff on flights, as well as passengers, have their eyes peeled for those trying to sneak off to the bathroom. If you get caught it will not only be embarrassing for you, but it can also land you in a lot of trouble. Is it worth it for the thrill of having sex on an airplane?

Some would argue that yes, it is. If you get away with it, You can enjoy one of the best orgasms of your life. It’s tough with the cramped conditions, but the fact that you could be caught at any point will be a real rush for both of you.

The Mile High Club is pretty exclusive

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The appeal of airport sex

Some people, however, don’t want to take the risk. They’d rather have a little more space for sex and their kinky antics, and so they will choose to fuck in the airport instead. Airport sex is on the rise, as a survey by US.Jetcost has revealed. They discovered that, while 8% of those surveyed are members of the Mile High Club, 1 in 10 stated that they have had sex in an airport. This included everything from oral sex to full on penetration.

They also wanted to know about the best spots in an airport to go for a quickie. 42% stated that the public restroom was the place to go, with a further 28% saying that storage cupboards were convenient places for sex. Amazingly, 14% said that they did it under a coat!

Unsurprisingly, some of them were caught. However, it was only around 17% of those surveyed, which is a hell of a lot lower than those joining the Mile High Club. In fact, it is estimated that just 30% of attempts to join the Mile High Club are successful.

Airports are fantastic places for reunions... as well as hot sex

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So… which is better?

So if you want to have airplane-related sex without the risk, fucking in the airport might be the way to go. However, there is still a risk. Not as much as fucking on a plane, but there is still a chance you’ll be caught in the act.

So which is better? This is something still up for debate. Some would argue that the thrill you get from the Mile High Club is much better… while others prefer the relative safety of airport sex.

What do you think? Is the Mile High Club better than having sex in an airport? Do you have a preference or experience with either? Let us know in the comment box below.

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