Which Aphrodisiacs Work For Better Sex?

June 14, 2016

Fresh Ginseng, one of the many aphrodisiacs that you can try in the bedroom

There are so many different ways that you can make sex better. Some swear by using sex schedules to make sure they get enough sex, while others decide to shake things up a bit. They’ll try sex games, sex toys, and maybe even a few different sex positions to make things more exciting. They’ll try anything… but for some, the sexiest thing that they can do is enjoy some aphrodisiacs with their partner.

We are told that certain types of food work great as aphrodisiacs, but the problem is knowing which ones. Sure, there are plenty of things online telling you which work best, but how accurate are they? Do they actually work in the way they are supposed to, or are there some that work more like a placebo? Here on the XEscorts blog, we take a look at which of the aphrodisiacs out there actually work in the way they are said to.

Bad news for chocolate fans

For a long time, people have been suggesting that chocolate works great for your libido. It is said to make you feel hornier, help you get your cock harder, and prepare you for some intense orgasms. Plus, it tastes delicious, so we immediately bought into it.

Unfortunately, chocolate isn’t one of the great aphrodisiacs that you need to have in your life. Sure, it has a number of other great benefits for you to enjoy, but as an aphrodisiac, it doesn’t work. Which is a real shame, considering how readily available this item of food is.

But where does the belief come from? Basically, cacao (which is effectively cocoa in is raw form) is said to contain parts that increase your body’s production of serotonin, which is linked to your desire and happiness. The more of that you have, the better you feel, right? Unfortunately, scientists have found absolutely no link between an increased desire and chocolate… so you might want to reach for something else.

Good old Ginseng

This herb is a popular one, especially among athletes. It is said to boost their performance, and a lot of men swear by it to help sexually enhance them… but does it actually work?

Scientists have said that, actually, it can really help you in the bedroom… and it isn’t just the men who can feel the wonderful benefits of this herb. Women can, too, especially if you opt to use the Korean red ginseng instead of other types.

The Korean red ginseng is said to be particularly useful for women, especially if they are menopausal and are looking for a nice boost to their sexual arousal. The herb works particularly well for them, and since it can also work wonders for men, this is one of the aphrodisiacs that we can happily says works wonders in the bedroom for you.

Yuck… oysters

When people talk about natural aphrodisiacs to try in the bedroom, oysters are one of the first on the list. Why? Because apparently, Casanova used to eat a lot of them (around 50 a day) “to boost his virility and sexual stamina”, and given how legendary his status is as a master lover that all women wanted in their bedrooms, we can see why this might start getting the wheels turning.

There is also the fact that oysters contain a lot of zinc, which is pretty much essential for testosterone production, as well as serotonin and amino acids, which can help you feel happier and hornier. So this seems like the perfect aphrodisiac to enjoy, right?

Nope. There has been a number of different studies into oysters and sex throughout the years, and it seems that they don’t really benefit us in the bedroom. In fact, many say that there are no links that we can make between sexual satisfaction and oysters, so instead of spending a fortune on them, you might want to look somewhere else.

Marvelous maca

Maca is a root vegetable that has a lot of people raving at the moment. It has a number of fantastic benefits for you to enjoy, but considering it has been used for centuries to help with arousal, it is hardly surprising that this one has popped up as one of the best aphrodisiacs out there… but it is too good to be true?

The vegetable, which is native to the Andes region of Peru, is said to have been used for “fertility, arousal, and hot flashes” for many years, and research has suggested that it can also help with erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. Yes, that means that maca is one of the best aphrodisiacs that you can use.

Of course, there are still a number of studies ongoing to figure out the perfect dosage for you to take of the root vegetable when it has been ground up into pill form, but they look very promising. Just by using this natural aphrodisiac, you might soon find your sex problems sorted.

Honey: at least it tastes good

Honey is a fantastic way to add a little bit of sweetness to your life, and a lot of people like to use it in the bedroom, too. They might drizzle it all over their partner’s body and lick it off, before enjoying some hot (and very sticky) sex afterwards. People have been suggesting for a long time that honey can go a long way to spicing up your sex life and boosting your libido, but when it comes to natural aphrodisiacs for you to use, is honey one you need to add to your list?

Unfortunately not. It seems that we have yet to find any reliable sources to tell us that honey works well as an aphrodisiac. Sure, it tastes great and should, in theory, work, but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t work as we expect it to.

However, that hasn’t stopped people from creating aphrodisiacs based on honey. One, named “mad honey”, comes from Turkey, and is said to be a great sexual stimulant. Since scientists have investigated this stimulant and then warned people not to try it, we think you might be best looking somewhere else for your thrills.

Your favourite aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are a great way to increase your libido and help you find your desire for sex when you are really struggling, but figuring out which work and which don’t can be really tough. You end up spending so much time doing research that you get to a point where you just cannot be bothered anymore, and so you’ll just try anything instead.

Often, one of the best aphrodisiacs out there is to spend a little bit of time with your partner. Instead of rushing to get to sex, slow things down. Enjoy foreplay a little more are take your time in the bedroom with your partner. Not sure how to do this? Maybe these foreplay sex toys can help you out.

If that doesn’t work, you can always try the natural aphrodisiacs we have mentioned above. Have you got some others that you think people need to know about? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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østers er ment å være veldig bra, men jeg har aldri prøvd, de smaker ikke hyggelig i det hele tatt. De gjør meg syk.
I have never really taken any sort of aphrodisiac before. I would like to know how you would feel after.

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