Avoiding The 4 Most Common Sex Accidents!

January 30, 2017

4 Common Sex Accidents And Avoiding Them

Most of the time sex is amazing, sometimes even perfect. Everything goes exactly the way that you plan it to. Your partner cums, you cum, and everybody is happy. It feels fantastic and you are left feeling like a real stud in bed. But there are times when sex can go wrong and you’ll find yourself in trouble, thanks to sex accidents.

No matter how careful you are in bed you run the risk of having a sex accident. The only way to avoid them is to not have sex at all and honestly, who wants to do that? Not us here at XEscorts! You might still run the risk of encountering these accidents, but we have some tips to help you minimise the chances of it happening to you.

1. Carpet burns

Sometimes you’ll decide that you are bored of the bed. You don’t want to fuck on it any more. You get into the same position and do the same things over and over. That leaves you feeling frustrated. You want to try something new and exciting.

The floor works.

It is great if you want to feel like you just need a rough and hard fuck. You don’t have the time to go and get into bed! You just about have the time to strip out of your clothes. Fucking on the floor is a huge turn on… but it isn’t without its risks.

Being down on the floors means that you, or your partner, or both of you, might end up with carpet burns. Sure, it might not seem like a big deal when we put it like that, but have you ever tried having sex while dealing with carpet burns?

A little bit of pain we can deal with… but when you are literally being rubbed raw it can totally ruin the mood. So save your knees by keeping your clothes to hand. You can slip them under your knees to stop the rubbing from getting too severe, which means you can continue to fuck and avoid the worst of the injuries.

The stars of Outlander know the difficulty of sex and carpet burns

Original source: Buzzfeed

2. Slip and slide in the shower

Showers are great for a number of different reasons. Not only are they a quick way to spruce up and get yourself clean for that hot date, but they also an excellent place to get some thinking done. You might also be tempted to enjoy some shower sex… which is where some of the worst sex accidents happen.

We don’t need to tell you that showers can get slippery when wet. The water that makes fucking in the shower so hot can also turn it into a danger zone. You will be unsure of your footing as it is, given the tight space and the difficult getting into position. This means you might end up on your ass.

You don’t want this. If you do fall the best that can happen is bruised pride. The worst? Broken bones, which unfortunately happen a lot more than we were hoping for, especially in this situation.

So how do you avoid this? Well, there are two simply things you can do. One is put down a mat in the shower. You can buy non-slip mats for very little, meaning it is easier for you to get a grip in the shower. Another thing to avoid is using soap. Yes, it seems a great idea at the time, but when it makes the floor of the shower slippery you’ll regret it. So stay away from the soap.

Falling in the shower is bad enough, but when you are having sex it makes it even worse

Original source: Improvenet

3. Foreign objects in your ass

You might want to have some anal fun. If so, there are plenty of things that you can do. You can slip a finger into your ass to see how it feels. It is amazing to do, especially when you are close to cumming. It will make your orgasm more intense and you’ll feel incredible.

The temptation may be to then try other things in your ass. If you are lucky enough to have a few sex toys to hand then this is great! If not? You may decide to try something else.

And this is where the sex accidents happen. People put things in their ass that don’t belong there. This can be a problem for a number of different reasons. For one, sharp edges can lead to cuts and then infections. If it hasn’t been cleaned properly you’re going to have a bad time.

Two, anal toys should have a tapered end. If they don’t, you could get them lost in your ass. You’ll panic and find that you can’t get the toy out, which makes things even worse. There have been many trips to the emergency room to locate foreign objects in the ass in the past, and you can guarantee almost all of them claimed to “fall” onto the object. Don’t be that person. Don’t stick anything in your ass that isn’t safe to go up there!

You end up betrayed by the booty when you put foreign objects in your ass

Original source: Good House Keeping

4. Snapped penis… ouch!

The cowgirl position has become the most dangerous position for sex. Yes, it feels amazing. Your partner loves being in control in this position and you love sitting back and enjoying how incredible sex is. But the issue is all of the bouncing in this position is bad for your cock.

One of the worst sex accidents you could have to deal with is a snapped penis. This usually happens when your thrusting gets a little too enthusiastic and, instead of slipping into their tight cunt, your cock hits their pelvis. There’s nowhere for it to go, leading to A LOT of pain!

But the cowgirl position is the worst for it. It is much more likely to happen in this position than any other, so while it looks great with her on top, you might not feel comfortable with the idea of breaking your cock.

So how do you avoid it? The key is to take it slow. Don’t rush sex simply because you want it now. Take your time, enjoy it, and you’ll help to keep your cock safe.

A snapped or broken penis is one of the worst nightmares for all men

Original source: Tenor

Avoiding common sex accidents

There are so many other sex accidents that can happen. These are just four of the most common, but others include homemade sex toys, using the wrong alternative to lube, and losing condoms in the middle of the act.

Which one of the above sounds like your worst nightmare? Is there one that you can’t believe really happens? We want to hear from you.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. Have you ever experienced any of the above? Do you have some awesome tips you want to share? Tell us all about it.

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