The Best Oral Sex Tips That Actually Work

December 24, 2014

Oral sex isn’t rocket science. It might seem like it sometimes when you get down there and find yourself going “what now?” but when you have the right set of skills you can easily make your partner moan and groan.

Figuring out the right set of skills can take some time and a little bit of experimenting. You have to be open to trying new things in order to really succeed in the bedroom. Sometimes, the strangest things will work out as the best.

Start with a bath and a massage

It may sound overly complicated for oral sex, but a lot of women are uncomfortable about their man’s head being “up close and personal” with their vagina. It puts them on edge and makes them tense, which is not what you want if you are hoping to give them an orgasm.

Why not enjoy a nice, hot bath together first? Not only will you both be relaxed from the warmth of the tub, but it also gives you the chance to wash her body with her. By rubbing a cloth or sponge over her body she will get used to your touch on her skin and be less likely to tense up when you do it again.

If you’ve moved into the bedroom and found she has started to tense up again, don’t dive straight in there and hope for the best. Take the time to get them in the right mood. Light some candles and get your sexy lady to lie down on the bed. Start to gently touch their body, giving a light massage and working her entire body. As you slowly inch closer and closer to her pussy she will get turned on and more eager for you to get started.

Walk, don’t run

You’ve got your head between her legs. Well doneā€¦ just don’t expect her orgasm to happen just like that. It takes more than the prodding of your fingers and a few licks to get her screaming, and rushing through it won’t help matters.

Take. Your. Time. There is nothing more frustrating than enjoying oral sex and having your partner decide that things aren’t happening quickly enough so they change what they are going. NO. If she is enjoying it, keep doing what you are doing. When she wants you to change things up, she’ll tell you.

Minty breath

It may sound like a very odd tip to try, but making sure your mouth is clean and minty-fresh before going down on your partner is a good idea. A sparkling smile as you lower your head can make a huge different, and sharing a kiss afterwards with a nice smelling mouth will ensure she’s happy to do it again.

One of the best tips I’ve ever heard and one I think that everyone should try is this: suck a mint before performing oral sex. The tingling sensation in your mouth gets transferred onto your lady, and the temperature sensitivity that comes from it makes everything more intense. Give it a try and see what happens.

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