The Best And Worst Places To Have Sex!

January 19, 2015

It has happened to each of us at some point – you get caught up in the moment and end up having sex in some strange and unusual places. You get so into it that, most of the time, it doesn’t really matter.

What about the times when it does matter? “This isn’t a great place to have sex” you might find yourself thinking mid-thrust or mid-bounce, “we should probably move”.

Yet we don’t move. Why? Because moving is admitting defeat, and moving also means you don’t get to read about some of the best and worst places to have sex.

The backseat of a car

There is a real thrill about having sex in a car. It is something most people claim to have done, and the idea of being so turned on that you cannot wait until you get inside is a huge thrill.

When you have sex in a car it is very close and personal. You end up face to face with your partner, seeing every movement they make during sex. This is a huge turn on for many, and can be a great intimate moment for you and your partner.

However, sex in a car can also turn into a bad place to have sex. The risk of being caught, which can be part of the thrill, runs high here. If you are going to take that chance, try to ensure your location is as private as possible. Even keeping the car parked in your garage can be a great way to keep it between the two of you while still allowing the thrill.

The spiral staircase

Spiral staircases look great. They are an impressive sight to see in any homeā€¦ but that is where their practicality ends. They are horrible to try and walk up and down, and are always that little bit too narrow to allow you to comfortably move around on them.

Having sex on a spiral staircase is even worse. Finding a comfortable position on a spiral staircase just doesn’t happen, and at some point one or both of you will either bang your head on the bannister or have a step digging at an uncomfortable angle into your side or back.

Normal stairs you can just about get away with – if you choose the correct position. If you do find yourself overcome with the urge for sex on the stairs, doggy-style is the best position to do it. You can use the steps to give your partner additional height and make it even better.

In the office

Sex at work can be a huge turn on. You will never think of work in the same way again, and every time you do go near your desk or the supply closet you will find yourself thinking fondly of that fantastic time you had. Sex at work is certainly a great way to start loving going to work again, and is fun for both of you when you get it right.

If you have a private office or somewhere else private in the building you can go to, this can be the best way to keep things just between the two of you. Your partner wearing a skirt will make things easier for you both, and seeing them walking around in it afterwards will leave you with a huge smile on your face.

Sofa bed

If you and your partner find yourselves staying at a friend’s house and want to have sex on the sofa bed you are staying on – don’t. Sofa beds are extremely uncomfortable for sleeping and for sex, and if that wasn’t enough then you will have to try to avoid getting the springs squeaking too much.

The uncomfortableness and the noise can be extremely distracting, meaning you can’t do things the way you want to. If you really feel the desire for sex when staying at a friend’s, move the blanket to the floor or go against the wall. This will keep things exciting without uncomfortableness.

Which are the best and worst places you’ve had sex before? Share your stories by leaving a comment in the box below.


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