Beyonce’s Sister Attacks Jay-Z in Hotel Lift (Video)

May 13, 2014

A video has emerged of Beyonce’s younger sister Solange attacking Jay-Z is a hotel lift. The security recording has taken the world by storm, and has been plastered over the internet.

A Violent Assault

The video apparently shows Solange Knowles lashing out at Jay-Z while his wife, Beyonce, stands by. The trio were leaving a party on the May 5th.

The rather amusing tape shows Miss Knowles punching and kicking out at Jay-Z in what seems to be a completely unprovoked attack. However, no-one knows what went on before the camera started rolling.

Jay-Z defends himself, but never gets too aggressive during the unpleasant incident. Solange is pretty lucky she wasn’t attacking Chris Brown, or she may have ended up coming out a lot worse.

No-one knows how celebrity website TMZ got hold of the video, but if a security guard turns up in a new Ferrari tomorrow, that may be suspicious.

Why the attack place is equally unclear, though it wouldn’t be to much of a reach to think that it may have something to do with Solange’s well documented drug and alcohol problems.

Beyonce, to her credit looked very calm throughout the incident. Is this due to her being classy or was she stoned?. Remember, it isn’t just Solange in the Knowles family who has been accused of drug use!

Legal Actioned Threatened

Needless to say, the couple and the hotel are unhappy this video has been leaked, and are threatening legal action against the person who gave it to TMZ.

Solange is a very pretty girl, but there does seem to be a few problems there. I would much prefer the company of the Stockholm escorts, who are beautiful, but distinctly less crazy.

We wait with baited breath to see what actually caused this incident. I wonder if Jay-Z is as innocent as he looks?


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