What Is The Big Deal With Period Sex?

February 16, 2017

What Is The Big Deal With Period Sex

We refer to “that time of the month” by a number of different names. Surfing the crimson wave. A visit from Aunt Flow. Even shark week. It happens. Women get their periods. And yet some people really freak out and are disgusted by the mention of period sex.

There are so many different excuses for why people don’t want to have period sex. You’d think from the mention of it that someone was trying to force them… so what is the big deal? Why aren’t more people enjoying sex at this time of the month?

Why the big fuss?

People tend to be pretty divided on this. There are some people who genuinely don’t get what the big deal is. It is sex, just a little bit messier.

But when you ask some people they’ll tell you that having sex on your period is just wrong. Why? Because it is disgusting. They don’t like the idea of getting blood on them, even if they fuck in the shower to wash the majority away and use condoms so you don’t actually come into contact with it. It’s blood, which instantly makes them go “ew”.

To put it simply, people think it is dirty. So that is the argument against fucking on your period… but why is it a good idea?

Period sex really isn't a big deal

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Sex drive through the roof

Women tend to get incredibly horny and turned on just before and during their period. We want sex. Sure, you might find it a little bit disgusting, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting it. But why do we get so horny?

There are so many different explanations, as Tracy Moore explains. While a number of people seem to put this desire to fuck down to hormones, others have a better explanation: it is taboo.

If we are told that we can’t have something we want it even more. It is like when you are on a diet and you are trying to cut out chocolate completely. Suddenly you have this strong desire to eat every single chocolate product that you see. By telling us we can’t have period sex, we want it more. Plus, the hormones make us want it. It’s a biological thing.

When Aunt Flow comes to town, our sex drive goes through the roof... but why?

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Natural pain relief

Periods hurt. The cramps mean that a lot of women simply want to curl up on the sofa with a hot water bottle and some chocolate to make them feel better. Some people think that women are just exaggerating when it comes to the pain.

The lucky ones simply feel a little uncomfortable and bloating at that time of the month. The rest have to deal with the fact that it genuinely feels like your body wants to kill you. It hurts. So how can you stop the pain?

You can have an orgasm. Orgasms are a fantastic way to block the pain receptors in your brain. If you have a headache, you are supposed to have an orgasm… so why not do the same with period sex? Your partner will feel better for it, and it certainly saves reaching for the tablets to try and stop the cramps!

When everything hurts and you feel like you're dying, you should have an orgasm

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Shorter periods!

Periods can last a long time. We wish they didn’t, but shark week can last for a week, sometimes longer depending on your body. It’s tough, and it is even tougher if you really want to fuck your partner but feel like her period is getting in the way.

Surprise! Having sex on your period can actually make your period shorter. No, it isn’t with the use of magic, and this next part might make a few of you feel uncomfortable about all of the gorey details. Basically, when you orgasm your body tends to contract and relax rapidly. This is the same for your womb. Since your period is the lining of your womb, this makes it shed faster.

The period might be heavier for a little while, but it will also end far quicker. You can actually use this method to reduce Aunt Flow’s visit by a few days, and because period sex kills pain it won’t hurt as much. I don’t know about you, but I call that a win.

Shorter periods are the best... especially when sex is to thank!

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Period sex isn’t a big deal

You don’t have to have period sex if you don’t want to, but a lot of people make it into a bigger deal than it is. Sure, it can be messy, but there are plenty of different ways to deal with the mess. You could fuck in the shower? Chances are you won’t even notice because you are too busy having amazing sex.

That said, people feel very differently about sex on your period… so tell us what you think. Would you do it, or would you rather avoid it completely? Let us know what you think by voting in the poll or leave a comment in the box below to tell us why you don’t like it.

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