Boobs VS. Bum: Which Is Better?

January 28, 2015

Seeing a sexy woman’s bum wiggling in front of you, or a juicy pair of boobs bouncing by you, can be enough to distract you from what you were doing. The female form is amazing, beautiful, and something to admire.

However, for years men and women have argued over it. Why? Because people have different ideas on which is better – boobs or bum.

Here on XEscorts we take a look at which is better and why.


Boobs of any size are fantastic to look at. The way they move and shift under (and out of) clothing is amazing, and they are so tempting to squeeze.

When you do squeeze them, they are all different. One woman may have soft and squishy boobs, while another may have firm ones… and that’s before we start looking at how breast surgery makes an impact to how they feel!

Boobs of all sizes can also be used to give great Russian (otherwise known as a boob job or tit wank). You may associate this treat with big boobs, but small breasts can also be used in this way, if you find the right position.

There are two big reasons that boobs are so popular. One, they feel amazing, whether you are squeezing them or you find your head between them, and because of this we just can’t keep our hands off. Two, the nipples are a very sensitive part of the body, and you could spend several hours using your hands and mouth on them to turn your partner on.


Having said all of these wonderful things about boobs, bums also get a lot of attention. Whether you are walking behind one in a tight skirt, or you are watching it wiggle around in the bedroom, they are fascinating to watch.

Bums are great for grabbing, as they can be both soft and firm at the same time. The way they move in your hands is a huge turn on, and there is no better sight that seeing your partner slowly slide their lingerie over their pert bum.

One of the reasons that bums are so loved is because they are seen as a taboo. Anal sex is becoming more and more popular, and everyone seems to want to try this forbidden fruit.

After all, anal sex allows you to enjoy the tightness that comes from amazing sex while seeing your partner’s bum spread before you. What is better than that?

Boobs vs. bum?

Deciding which is better is difficult. Everyone’s personal preferences are different, and while you might enjoy nothing better that a gorgeous pair of breasts, someone else might think an ass is better.

Personally, if I had to choose, I’d go for bum… but what do you think?

Whether you are a boob fan or a bum man, you can tell us by simply commenting in the box below. Join in the debate! So which is better? Bums or boobs?


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