Can Dirty Talk Ever Be Too Dirty?

September 28, 2017

Man whispering sexy exciting words in woman's ear during foreplay

For most people, dirty talk is something that they enjoy in the bedroom. It leaves them feeling fantastic and turned on, ready for what is to come. It also gives them an idea of what to expect, based on the kinky things that their partner has said.

However, with many kinky things in the bedroom it is easy to take things too far. Is it possible for dirty talk to be too dirty? How do you know if you have gone too far? And is there a way to prevent it?

What is dirty talk?

Dirty talk is exactly how it sounds. You’ll talk to your partner about all of the dirty things you love to do, or hope to do, to them in the future. You might confess to them your deepest, darkest fantasy. Or maybe you’ll tell them about that dirty dream you had about them?

Hearing about the things you want to do to them is an amazing way to turn your partner on. You can go into as much detail as you’d like, describing each and every little thing you desire. This can build up one hell of an image in their mind, and also tell them what to expect from you.

It is also a great way to test things out. Want to explore a certain fetish? Talking about it with your partner can help to gauge their reaction. If they seem turned on by it then you know that they will enjoy it, and this will turn you on too!

Dirty talk is a fantastic way to turn your partner on

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Can it ever be too dirty?

It is very easy when trying out a fantasy to get overly excited about it. You are so eager to enjoy it and make the most of it that you might take things a little too far. For example, if you want to try pegging you might try to fit the entire dildo up your ass without the anal training required to make it a pleasant experience for you.

To some people, they believe that you can’t take dirty talk too far… but you can. It is possible for dirty talk to be too dirty, simply by not paying attention to what it is that your partner likes.

You can get carried away with dirty talk. What started out as a little kinky fun can easily turn into insulting and degrading language because you let yourself run away with it. For some, words like “cunt” and “slut” just aren’t the things that they want to hear during sex. Unfortunately, accidentally going too far and using these words can completely ruin the mood.

When dirty talk gets too dirty it can completely kill the mood in the bedroom

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Polite dirty talk

This might seem like a bit of a strange idea, but dirty talk doesn’t have to be vulgar. In fact, you can still get great results simply by being polite. Polite dirty talk seems to be becoming more popular. You don’t have to use strong language to get your point across, and that six letter p word might just be what you need! Not convinced? Try saying to your partner: “please tell me what you want me to do to you”. This will help them to start off slowly with dirty talk and ease into it.

Feel as though the word “yes” isn’t enough? Try “please”. When your partner says “do you want me to suck your cock?”, replying with “please” sounds a lot like begging. It will show them that they have gotten you so worked up you are desperate for it.

It works the same with phrases like “please don’t stop” or, if you want to step into the world of BDSM and giving up control to someone, asking “please can I pleasure you?” will go far. Give it a try and see what happens!

Politeness during dirty talk can prevent things from going too far

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If it still gets too much…

Sometimes, no matter what you try, you can cross a line. It might be that there is a specific word your partner does not like hearing during dirty talk, or perhaps something you thought was acceptable isn’t so to them.

There is a way to deal with this, and it requires you to put to use the best sex advice you’ll ever hear. You’ll have to talk to your partner. Communication is the most important skill in the bedroom. If you can talk to your partner about it and discuss the things that they want to hear in bed, you’ll be on to a winner.

Consider yourself an expert in dirty talk? Prove it. Tell us your favourite phrases to use in the comment box below. Do you find that a quick “fuck me” is all you need, or do you like to go into more detail, describing how your partner should suck your cock?

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