What Can You Do With A Foot Fetish?

September 26, 2017

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It can be difficult to admit to your partner that you have a fetish. In the past you may have been mocked for it, or turned down in a way that has made you feel like no-one will be willing to explore it with you. However, a foot fetish is actually one of the most common fetishes for people to have.

As it is quite common, it can be easier to talk to your partner about, especially if you were to ease into it. You might not want to dive in the deep end at first, so what kind of things can you do with a foot fetish? We have a few suggestions for you to try.

A fashion show

Appreciating how good your partner’s feet look is often the first step of a foot fetish. You want to show them just how much you love their feet and how amazingly sexy they look. One way you can do this is ask them to give you a fashion show.

They can pull out their favourite shoes and you can have your own little fashion show. Tell them which pairs are your favourite and which you think make their feet look great.

It’ll be a lot of fun for you both, and you’ll get the chance to show them just how much you admire their feet. They will love the attention you are giving them. Plus, you get your own private show to enjoy their gorgeous feet. What could be better?

Love admiring your partner's feet? A fashion show will show them off to you

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Pamper them

If easing into it is your main concern, then this is the solution for you. Maybe you aren’t ready to take the plunge, or perhaps your partner wants to take their time and get used to you lavishing their feet with attention? Either way, pampering them is the perfect way to do it.

Start by giving them a foot bath. Allow their feet to soak for a while before gently drying them off. This will get them used to you touching their feet. You could even add in a foot massage. Use a firm touch when giving a foot massage, as lighter touches can tickle, and making their body tense up isn’t what you have in mind. If you think they are ready, you can even place a light kiss on their foot!

When the foot bath and massage are done, you could offer to paint their toe nails. I can tell you that hunching over to do it yourself is a pain, so offering to do it for them after a massage is a fantastic way to show your appreciation. Choose their favourite colour for their nails and they will appreciate it even more.

A foot massage goes a long way to helping your partner get used to your hands on their feet

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Change the sex position

If you want the chance to get a little more intimate with their feet, you can try switching the sex positions you use. There are a few simple moves you can make which will give you the chance to fuck your partner and explore your foot fetish.

A great one to try is missionary. If you adjust your partner’s legs so that they are up against you, you’ll be at the perfect angle to kiss their feet. As you slowly thrust inside of them, kiss their feet. It will be incredibly intimate.

You can do the same if they are on top of you. Get them to stretch their legs out so that you can lavish their feet with attention and you’ll get the get kinky with

Missionary position is perfect for the foot fetish, as you can get your partner to raise her feet up to your mouth

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Enjoy a foot job

Of course, the ultimate act for anyone with a foot fetish to enjoy is the foot job. This is where your partner uses their feet to jerk you off, and it can feel truly incredible!

The best way to start it off is with a foot massage. The lotion you use will help to soften their feet, making it even more intense. With a little lube it can turn into something even better!

Your partner will place their feet together so that there is a space between them, large enough for you to slip your cock into. You can either thrust away or have them move their feet. In no time at all you will be blowing your load!

A foot job is the perfect way to enjoy your foot fetish

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How do you enjoy your foot fetish?

There are so many different ways for you to enjoy and explore having a foot fetish. Whether you start out small with foot massages and fashion shows or you go straight in for a foot job, there is something for you.

There are also plenty of other ways you can try it. We have just mentioned a few. So tell us how you explore your fetish in the comments below.

You can share your tips on making the most of your fetish and give advice on how to talk to your partner about it. You might even pick up a few fantastic tips of your own, so what are you waiting for?

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