Can You Really Make Any Woman Squirt?

August 22, 2017

Hands with water splash, backlit by the evening sun.

It is something you see a lot in porn, though often it is faked. Just because it is often faked in porn doesn’t mean that it is in real life. The female squirt is a turn on to many people. It is a sign that someone is experiencing intense pleasure, and that they are having one of the most amazing orgasms of their life.

Those intrigued by the idea of giving a woman a squirting orgasm might have looked online to see how to do it, and found article after article declaring that every woman can squirt. But is that true? Is every single woman capable of squirting?

What is female ejaculation?

For some, they hate the idea of squirting because they believe the woman is just pissing. There is suddenly a lot of liquid during sex so how can it be anything else? Well, quite easily, it seems.

Many experts have come forward to provide proof that the female ejaculation is not, contrary to popular belief, piss. In fact, a study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine which showed that the fluid contained characteristics of prostate plasma, not piss.

So what does that mean? It means that it isn’t piss, and that it comes from the Skene’s gland. However, this isn’t enough for some people. They are still convinced that it is piss.

Think about what a squirt looks like. A real one, not the ones you see in porn. In porn it is clearish liquid. In reality, it is a thicker whitish fluid. Plus, it doesn’t smell like urine. The squirt is real… but can everyone do it?

Is every woman capable?

Doing a quick Google search for “make her squirt” will bring up around 26,000,000 results, and the majority of the first page of results says things like “make any woman squirt” or “make her squirt every time”.

If you were to follow these links, many of which lead to courses you can pay to take part in to learn the art of squirting in greater detail, you would be told that yes, every single woman is capable of squirting. Of course, you’d be right to be sceptical because of course they are going to tell you it is possible, as they are trying to sell you something.

The reality is a little different. In theory, as Ami Angelowicz explains on The Frisky, every woman has the Skene’s gland, which is responsible for squirting. However, while it seems like it might be possible for most, saying that “all” can do it might be a bit of a stretch, as “physiologically, not every woman can squirt, even with the proper education”.

You may now be sitting there feeling really disappointed, as you had high hopes that you might be able to make her come in a way she never has before. It could still be worth a shot if you are both eager and willing to give it a go. The worst that could happen is that she doesn’t have a squirting orgasm. The best? She has a fantastic time and you learn the right techniques to get the same results in the future.

Giving her a squirting orgasm

There are a few different things you’ll need to do in order to give her an incredible squirting orgasm. The first thing is that you set aside some time. When you first begin it is going to be a long and slow process. So make sure you are in it for the long haul.

You should also have towels and wipes to hand, to make sure their squirting doesn’t cause a mess in the bedroom. Being prepared is going to help them relaxed, and this can lead to a more intense orgasm.

For many women, they report that the longer they have been stimulated for before orgasm, the more likely they are to squirt. This means that foreplay is an essential. No, you can’t just do one magic trick and make them ejaculate all over you. It is going to take some work, so make sure you go slowly to really turn them on.

When you think you are ready to go for it, try combining clitoral stimulation with g-spot stimulation, such as rubbing your fingers in a “come hither” motion while rubbing her clit with your other hand. This is something that many say works for them.

However, it is also possible to have a squirting orgasm during sex. In an interview on Cosmopolitan, a number of women stated that it happened for them in the doggy style position. So try out a few different methods to see what works for you.

Your experiences with squirting

Some people believe that squirting isn’t real, that it is a myth and is simply pee. This view has been further encouraged by what we see in porn, as it is often clearly faked in order to create a more cinematic video for the people watching. They want to turn you on, and a wet and wild orgasm like in porn is much easier to see than the thick fluid of a real squirt.

But it is real and it is possible… just maybe not for every woman. So what you are going to need to do is experiment. See if it is possible for your partner by trying out a few different techniques.

Got a few suggestions to help your fellow punters out? Think you have the perfect tips and tricks to make most women have an intense squirting orgasm at your hands? Let us know all about it by leaving a comment in the box below. Share your tips and check out the comments. You might just pick up a few new ones to try out for yourself!

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