Car Sex Couple Almost Drown In Lake!

September 2, 2015

Public sex is hot. There is nothing quite like the thrill of almost being caught as you fuck against a wall outside, where anyone could discover you. You’ll try to keep the noise down but that will simply make it more and more intense, and soon you won’t be able to hold back your orgasm. It makes for some great memories.

However, if you have decided that the hottest and most romantic place to have a passionate fuck fest is in the back of a van, for goodness sake, please make sure the handbrake is on! It sounds like a simply thing, but for one couple in Austria their hot and steamy session in the back of a car almost led to their deaths.

Minivan sex

Before we even get to what happened to this couple, I have to talk about their chosen place for public sex. Okay, fair enough, you tend to go with the things that you’re given, but having sex in the back of a minivan is probably the least sexy place they could have managed, especially given the fact that they parked it up by a lake. Getting out of the van and fucking by the water’s edge might have been hotter.

When you get caught up in the moment though it is hard to think of things like that. Perhaps it was the fact that the lake was a little too exposed for them, or perhaps they liked the warmth and comfort of the minivan, but one amorous couple decided that it was the perfect place to fuck.

The couple, both in their 40s, were clearly enjoying the action in the cargo area of the man’s company minivan. For them it was a very hot and steamy late night sex session that they wanted to remember for a long time. If only they knew what could happen next… It definitely isn’t a moment they are going to forget any time soon!

The van, it seems, started to move while they were in the middle of their passionate fucking. The couple became aware of the van moving, but before they could do anything and react, the van had rolled itself into the nearby lake and had started to sink, with the couple still inside of it!

A lucky escape

As the van was sinking it seemed like the couple’s sexy romp might cost them more than the risk of being caught. Thankfully, they managed to get out of the van through one of the windows and, when they were safely on the shore with no injuries, they called for help.

The fire brigade were, as you can imagine, pretty surprised to find a naked couple waiting by the lake for the van to be retrieved, but at least they were safe and alive! It could have been a lot worse.

The fire brigade had to get a crane to retrieve the van from the bottom of the lake, as it had sunk to the bottom so quickly, and in total it took them over three hours to pull it out of the water again.

So we should be thankful, as it could have been a hell of a lot worse, but it seems that lately people are taking far too many risks with public sex. Is public sex really worth the risk of your life, and do we need to start planning our public sex sessions in the future to make sure we don’t put ourselves at risk?

Death and public sex

It was just last week we heard about a couple who fell to their death while having sex, and it seems that we are hearing more and more stories lately about people taking huge risks, just to get the thrill of sex in public.

This one couple had decided to have sex in a historic fort. Okay, we get that. It would be incredibly romantic and fun and exciting… but what we don’t get is the fact that they thought the perfect place in their fortress of fuck to have sex was on top of a wall… with a 40 foot drop to the dried-up moat below.

At some point during their sex session they must have slipped. It could have been a change of position or just bad footing, but they ended up falling into the moat below. With such a huge drop, we can guess what happened next.

Unsurprisingly they died from the drop, and while it is a tragedy we can’t help be wonder if public sex is really worth it for the amount of risk some people involve in it.

Is public sex worth it?

The most amount of risk that you usually find in public sex is getting caught. If you get caught it could simply be a traumatising experience for the poor person who stumbled across the hot and sweaty writhing naked bodies, but it could also lead to the police being called and you getting in trouble for indecent exposure.

However, it isn’t often that public sex could lead to death, and it isn’t the first time that a couple has had a near miss on their sex in public. In fact, there are many cases where sex in public has led to death, and it is usually all down to the choice of location.

It seems that, when you are going to have sex in public, you need to be a bit more careful about the location you pick. In a van with the handbrake off? Bad. On top of a 40 foot wall? Also bad. On a beach at night? Fine. In a darkened alley way? That could also be fine.

Will you be thinking a little more carefully about sex in public, or do you just go with the flow and let the passion take you where you want to go?

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