Court Drops Case As They Had No Vagina Expert!

July 6, 2015

Yes, you did read the title of this article correctly, and no, we aren’t making it up. A court in Turkey has had to drop a case they were pursuing when it came to light that they had no vagina expert to testify during the trial.

Sometimes the world is a very weird and wonderful place.

Publicising obscene graphics

Getting into the sex industry is tough, especially if you are trying to sell the toys to make the sex lives of people all around the world better. It is a hard market to break into, and there are so many different versions of the same toy that fresh faces find it hard to make an impact.

However, for the 26 year old Emre S and the 29 year old Kadir P, their interests in the sex toy industry led to them going to court, and they found themselves accused of “importing realistic vaginas and other sex toys into Turkey”, as well as publishing the pictures of these toys online for all to see.

Their website, it is believed, is where they tried to sell these objects that they had imported into the country with the aim of selling to the public.

Many websites containing pornographic images are banned in Turkey, despite the fact that it has been produced in the country since the 1970s. In fact, there are over 81,000 websites that have been blocked. The authorities ban it, believing that pornography goes against many of the religious roots of the country.

The Telecommunications Directorate (TIB) decided to take legal action against these men, feeling that their publicising of “obscene graphics” was enough to get their website not only shut down, but to also get them put away for their crimes.

Judge claims responsibility

The men appeared before the courts, where they faced a trial for importing the toys and for trying to sell them online. It must have been a tough experience for them, but they have come out the other side without charge, as the judge was forced to acquit them.

The reason? “The judge said he couldn’t evaluate the artificial vaginas ‘with his own general knowledge’.” This seems to be suggesting that the fleshlights that were imported in were so unrealistic looking that it was difficult to say that they did look like vaginas… either that, or the judge really didn’t want to spend his time looking at the toy only to say “yes, that’s a pussy”.

Of course, they could have hired someone else, right? Surely there is someone out there who can proudly stand up and say “I am a vagina expert and I will help with this case”, but it seems that the court didn’t go looking for them. The court, it seems, “failed to employ an expert in the subject”, and so the judge was forced to give them an acquittal.

That’s right – the court didn’t hire a vagina expert, and so because of this apparently vital mistake, the men were allowed to leave without being charged for their crimes.

That is one hell of a big loophole.

Turkish criminal law

At the moment, Turkish criminal law isn’t too specific about what products might be considered obscene. In the future it could be something that they look at, but for now it means we might see repeats of this incident.

However, that hasn’t stopped the judge from issuing a severe warning to the two he had before him in the court. He warned them that he was only acquitting them both, back on the 1st of July, if they marked the items on the website with a parental advisory.

To be fair, adult websites should really have a parental advisory anyway, but putting one on each individual item? If it keeps the guys out of prison, I think they will be totally okay with that.

It is definitely not the story I thought I’d be writing about today, but it goes to show that the laws on sex toys can change dramatically from place to place. Hopefully in the future these two men will know better, and so they’ll be able to just get on with selling the toys they have bought with the intention of selling on to those in dire need of a good orgasm.

What do you think of the Turkish laws? Are they a little too vague about what is required, and is this all just blowing things out of proportion? Would only a gynaecologist count as a vagina expert, or are there other fields that might be suitable? Let us know in the comment box below.

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