Curvy Women Have Better Sex!

July 23, 2014

I have to admit, I have always liked curvy women. I look at those size-0 models, and I think to myself, ‘where is the ass, and where are the boobs?’. Obviously there are people who like that look; it takes all sorts. I just know what I like.

That’s why I was so interested to read a recent study which stated that curvy women actually have better sex than anyone else.

Experts who studied the sex lives of 2,000 women and split the results by body shape found women who described themselves as curvy were the most satisfied with their sex lives.

Interesting Findings

The research, commissioned by online dating site, found women who deemed their figure as toned or athletic had the most sex, and more than those who had a rounder shape.

However, it is the quality of sex that seems to be the difference. It seems that skinnier women are far less content in their sex lives, when compared to women who were curvier.

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Rounder women also seemed to enjoy sex more than thinner ladies.

Yesterday Tina West, dating consultant at said: “It’s interesting to see the correlation between a woman’s happiness levels and how she perceives her own body.

“Of course a lot more goes into our moods and how satisfied we are with our lives than just the way we look, but it’s clear that it does have a strong influence.

“Curvy women had the most positive results overall but the study is a reminder that just having a particular body type doesn’t guarantee anything, as many slim women were just as insecure as those that felt they were overweight.

“What matters is feeling confident with your shape and having a partner who loves and responds to the way you look.”

The Reasons

The reasons behind this were interesting. Curvy women claimed to be happy in their own skin, whilst smaller girls were less likely to give that answer.

Maybe constantly striving for what the media classes as ‘perfection’ does have its drawbacks?

Also, it seems that curvier ladies come across as bubblier than their skinnier counterparts, which guys respond well to, inside the bedroom and out.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why the Manchester escorts are so popular. They have a number of curvy ladies who have a real ability to put a guy at ease and show him a wonderful time during the appointment.

So let’s all hear it for the curvy girls!


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